Apple Magic Mouse 2 Space Grey Review 2022

I’ve been using this Apple Magic Mouse 2 Space Grey device for almost two years now, and I can say that it is my favorite. I love it so much that I bought a second one if the first one fails. Now I decided to write a complete article on this Apple magic mouse 2. Check out if you are looking for the Best gaming mouse under 20$.

“There are so many functions in the little mouse—all the gestures of the fingers in the top mouse area with a glass-like surface. A sleek, sporty slim profile makes it as thin as my Mac-book air (2017). Apple magic mouse 2 Space Grey can use it with multiple devices as long as they have Bluetooth. Also, the battery life. It’s been a week since I was required to recharge it, and I use it every day for hours, from stock to email to creating articles.”

How it distinguishes between left and right click is incredible. I don’t know what they’ll develop the next time. Hand gestures mouse that you hand hovers on, and you can make hand movements instead of fingers?

Apple Magic Mouse 2 Space Grey
Apple Magic Mouse 2 Space Grey (Image credit: Amazon)

Apple Magic Mouse 2 Space Grey


size: |


Can connect with multi-screens.

up to 4 days battery charging life

Advanced sensor technology

Compatible with all Apple devices


The new Apple Magic Mouse is the world’s best-selling mouse. With double the sensors and twice the precision, it delivers an unparalleled user experience.

The most advanced computer mouse ever created. The best part is, it looks so plain and simple, you’ll hardly notice it’s a mouse at all except when you use it. Then you’ll discover it responds to every nuance of your hand. You are no more fighting the mouse to get it to react. It just does automatically. Instantly. Perfectly. Every time. Plus, with a built-in laser, it helps you navigate your PC and Mac with lightning speed and zero errors.

  • Sleek, lightweight design with top-quality construction.
  • Advanced sensor technology that lets you work faster and longer.
  • Precise tracking ability that provides a more comfortable, no-slip grip.
  • Advanced haptic feedback that enables you to feel every click.
  • A magnetic connection between the mouse and the pad.
  • Ultra-thin, durable, and low-profile design.
  • Apple Magic Mouse 2 Space Grey gives you 4 to 5 days life.
  • 2-year limited warranty.
  • Compatible with all Apple devices, Mac OS X.
  • Multi-touch surface.
  • Great for left and right-hand users.
Metal Mouse Pad for Apple Magic Mouse 1&2
Metal Mouse Pad for Apple Magic Mouse 1&2 (Image credit: Amazon)

Metal Mouse Pad for Apple Magic Mouse 1&2


size: |


Ultra-Quiet, Non-Slip

Clean and easy to disinfect

Multi-Scenarios, Widely Used

Multicolor are available


Quality product with a warranty

The product is made to work with Apple Magic Mouse 1 and 2 trackpad and keyboard. It consists of five layers:

  • Polymer paint coat
  • An oxidation coating micro-sandblasting
  • Aircraft-grade Apple homogeneous aluminium alloy plate
  • Complete bottom made of silicone rubber

Online support 24 hours a day, a year guarantee against manufacturing problems

The surface is treated with special micro-sandblasting techniques, oxidation plating, and high-tech polymer coatings, making the surface more smooth and robust. All mice can glide easily, silently, and precisely with no scratching sound. The base on the mat is an entire silicone rubber mat that will provide enough traction to bond it to any surface. Furthermore, it’s utterly non-slip on glass.

The apple magic mouse 2 space grey can move the mouse with precision and freedom on this pad. It’s also compatible with all kinds of mice available, including Apple, HP, Dell, Logitech, laser, mechanical, and optical mice. The mouse pad does not require additional stickers when you purchase this product.

It’s incredibly durable and smooth; it is easy to disinfect and clean and can be washed straight in the water. If water or coffee spills, you can wipe it clean using a dry, clean cloth and leave no residue.

Its mousepads are extremely thin, flat, smooth, rigid, flexible, and non-slip. Its rubber bottom is not likely to collide with desks or laptops and leaves no marks on the surface. It’s lighter and more comfortable to use when traveling, working, and at home. The gaming pad could be put on the sofa, bed, or even a soft blanket, etc.

Apple Magic Mouse 2 was released on October 13, 2015. People love it so much and give a great review and ratting on amazon.

Is the Apple Magic Mouse 2 worth it?

Yes, this mouse is great for office work only. This is great for mac users who love small the answer is a resounding YES! It makes a world of difference when using a mouse. Without it, using a PC for long periods of time becomes incredibly frustrating. The Apple Magic Mouse 2 is one of the best products Apple has ever produced. It has a faster microchip, a new laser sensor, and an incredible battery life. Get one. You won’t be sorry.

Is the Apple Magic Mouse 2 Good For Gaming?

The Apple Magic Mouse 2 space grey is a great mouse. It has a glass surface which makes it super accurate and responsive. This mouse has eight million pixels, which means you can use it for all kinds of computer activities.

From playing games to composing documents and working with spreadsheets, the Apple Magic Mouse 2 is a versatile tool for everyone who uses a Mac. keep in mind if you play FPS games so this mouse is not for you.

Can We Connect Apple Magic Mouse 2 With Multi Computers?

Yes! Apple magic mouse 2 have already built-in multi-computer support into. So you can use your Apple Magic Mouse 2 to control the software from multiple computers at the same time.

Conclusion: What Can You Get Your Hands On?

Apple Magic Mouse 2 features a new high-resolution sensor with multi-touch capability and a higher DPI, a faster USB connector, and the ability to pair via Bluetooth if you want to enjoy the feelings of a fantastic mouse, so I will recommend you to try this one.