Best Linear Switches in 2022

Selecting the best linear switches for your keyboard is a critical task. Working as a typist, blogger, or other Data entry Jobs, You have to spend hours on the keyboard, and there is a chance of repetitive stress injuries (RSI) which can lead to pain in your wrists. 

However, with the right combination of switches, keyboards can become highly comfortable, easy to use, and ideal for typing on a desk or lap.

So, If you’re looking for the best linear switches for your keyboard with some seriously impressive features, here I have covered completely the top available linear switches and the top choices that I have personally tested from time to time.

Let’s get started!

What are Linear Switches?

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Don’t you like the audible “click” sound when you press a key? Well, don’t worry! Linear Switches might be right for you. Cherry, black and red are linear switches and are usually very silent.

Of course, there are other accessories to reduce noise in keyboards. A keyboard is an essential tool for every writer, but the keys’ layout can significantly impact how easy it is to write. 

Most people have a problem figuring out where to put their fingers when typing, and even those who know where to place their fingers are still forced to move their wrists to reach the letters.

One solution is the linear switch keyboard to help you type faster by positioning all the keys in a row so that you don’t have to reach across the keyboard to hit each letter.

Identifying The Best Linear Switches

Identifying the right Switches for your Keyboard is one of the most important thing because, They determine the feel and responsiveness of the keys, which can significantly affect your typing experience.

There are three main switch categories: tactile, clicky, and linear. Each type offers a unique feel and sound, making choosing a new set of keys tricky.

If you’re in the market for new switches, keep in mind that the switch’s quality, noise level, and smoothness is the key to choosing it.


Linear switches are usually very silent. I’m sure your co-workers get pretty annoyed with the sound of your keyboard, and sometimes it’s not tolerable.

So, my identification to finding the best linear switches for the keyboard is its audibility. Linear switches are the ones that are most likely to have no bump and no click.


The smoothness of any switch is critical when it comes to typing, especially when using a computer keyboard. For example, if a switch has a “bumpy” feel, it will require much more force to activate.

This could be a problem because people generally prefer the feel of a soft switch. For this reason, you must test each switch and see what type of feeling you get. You want something that feels like a smooth and comfortable surface that you can quickly push down.


In my opinion, the most crucial factor to consider when choosing a key switch is the tactile feedback it provides. Many switch manufacturers offer the same feeling but with different levels of effort, resulting in varying tactile feedback.

For example, Cherry switches provide an extremely crisp click that is easy on the fingers, but this can result in a less positive feel overall.

Conversely, Alps offers a softer, quieter switch, with a more delicate click than Cherry switches, but with more positive feedback due to the smooth surface. I prefer a switch that gives a solid click while being quiet but not overly soft. let’s get dive into more details of our TOP pick.

Top Linear Switches in 2022

At a Glance:

  1. Akko CS Switches
  2. Gateron KS-9 RGB Mechanical
  3. OUTEMU Switches
  4. Kailh Cream Switches
  5. Cherry MX Speed Silver
  6. Gateron Yellow Switches
  7. Gateron Red Switches
  8. Cherry MX Black Switches
  9. Yellow Gateron
  10. Outemu Black Switches

This list is a reflection of my personal tastes. So they’re sure to be different from other people. And the criteria for a good switch are different between people as well.

Of course. So please don’t be offended if your favorite switches are not on this list. For me, the primary focus is on key feel, but others like sound, reliability, availability, etc.

Let’s kick off with the switch. I haven’t been allowed to review it yet, but I have a fair amount of experience with it.

Akko CS Switches
Akko CS Switches (Image credit: Gamingct)

Akko CS Switches

Our Top Pick


Dimensions: 9.84 x 5.91 x 0.79 inches | Weight: ‎8.9 ounces | Description: Gaming |


switches are easy to install and have good holding power.

Made from high-quality materials that last long.

It is affordable.

It has a smooth feel.


can be a little clicky when you press the switch.

  • Akko CS Switch Series – Akko Custom Series (CS) switches have three pins specifically designed for DIY enthusiasts to experience a pleasant typing experience with more economical alternatives.
  • Matcha Green 50gf Linear Switch: The 50gf force for actuation is for Matcha Green is heavier than Rose Red and is ideal for people who prefer smooth linear switches but prefer more excellent feedback and more pronounced sound.
  • Built-in LED Slot: Built-in LED Slot Akko CS switches are fitted with a LED slot equipped for LED Mod/Assembly. They are SMD compatible (LED under that switch).
  • Durability – Approximate lifetime of 60 million keystrokes based upon laboratory tests of durability.
  • Compatibility: Compatible Akko CS switches come with an MX-style structure to fit all keycap sets featuring (X) cross stems. It is important to note that the Switch openers are not included.

You receive a great value at the cost of the best linear switches sold for them. However, I would put these switches in the same category as the switches from Durock and Zeal at a significantly lower price.

The packaging used for these switches is top-of-the-line. The boxes are sturdy and durable with excellent-quality graphics and printing. Inside is a tray of plastic used to house and protect each switch. As you’d imagine, every switch was in perfect condition and didn’t have an unbending pin to be seen. It’s not the same for bulk orders from other stores that send switches in loose plastic bags!

The tactility is not as high as a Durock T1 but is better than a Halo Clear or True. It’s a lovely smooth bump that is visible, and because the switches have a soft spring, these switches are comfortable and easy to use. They’re stock and have a little scratchiness, but they cannot be fixed by oil, which these switches can take very well. We give this linear switch the 1st position because of the reviews on amazon. This best linear switch has the most positive reviews from customers on Amazon. And also comes in 18 different colors.

Gateron KS-9 RGB Mechanical
Gateron KS-9 RGB Mechanical (Image credit: gamingct)

Gateron KS-9 RGB Mechanical

Best Budget Option


Weight: ‎1.12 ounces | Dimensions: ‎0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches | : |


Very cheap

Best grip

clicky sound

35g  actuation force


Low Actuation Point

The Gateron brown switch has features of both the blue and red switches. The vertical press is smooth, yet it gives the impression of a bump. The sound is fairly silent and won’t disturb the surroundings.

The 2nd item on our list is the Gateron KS-9 keys Switches. These best linear switches were packaged in a tiny HK gaming box that was adorable but cramped to fit the switches. When I opened the box and its plastic bag, I found two switches with slightly bent or bent pins. It was nothing that could be fixed with my fingertips, or a pair of pliers could not repair. We give this linear switches 2nd position because of the number of reviews on amazon.

But after a few minutes of lubricating these switches, I realized that I was getting 70 % of the smoothness. Another thing that surprised me was how secure the housings are of the switches. They were so tight that I didn’t have to purchase other films, although I’d guess that they’ll only improve the quality of these switches. These switches aren’t as secure as the more expensive ones similar to Durock or Zeal switches but are excellent nonetheless.

Technically, it’s not entirely “silent”, but the sound is more like an electronic keyboard than a membrane. When you press down, there is a distinct tactile bump, but it does not make a loud click sound. Ideal for long working sessions. In terms of sound, these switches sound a little thumper compared to Durock Linears due to the different materials. This is simply a matter of preference, and I think it would be challenging to locate a linear switch that isn’t a bad thing within the present market.

Note: Be aware that you need to purchase at least 5% extra than what you require. If you’re ham-fisted like me, you’ll damage many of these switches simply by pushing the pins downwards incorrectly. There is one method to get it down. If you install it correctly, you’ll be able to get it right on the first attempt. Otherwise, use pliers to straighten the pins, and then try again, making sure you don’t break the pins.

OUTEMU Switches
OUTEMU Switches (Image credit: gamingct)

OUTEMU Switches

Excellent Typing


Dimensions: 3.25 x 3.25 x 1.2 inches | Special Feature: 3 pin |



Low priced

The actuation force is only 50g


Low Trigger Level

Make click sound

This Outemu Blue is the best linear Switch and an excellent switch for typing, especially at its cost. Blue switches have become a popular feature on keyboards with lower prices.

It is important to note that the Outemu blue button is a clicky type of switch, which implies that the force of operation is higher at 60 cN. Also, the keyboard generates more sound when the keys are pressed. This is evident when the key is pressed, making it easier to spot mistakes or keystrokes that are not intended while typing.

Due to the weight of this key, the point of activation is higher than the lighter keys, and the overall distance that you travel in pressing the button is longer. The position for a tactile button is situated relatively low in the switches.

An Outemu blue-switch keyboard might not be ideal for taking to work, and the switch’s click can make the keyboard sound loud and is likely to cause a distraction to others working in the office. It is better to be used at home by people who enjoy hearing the clicks when they write.

Outemu Blue Best Linear switches have good spring resistance, so they are suitable for those who have lead fingers. Most people with large hands would find the switch an excellent match for heavy keys. For those with smaller hands or a more gentle feel, a switch that needs less force to operate is better.

Its Outemu blue button is an excellent option for typing, and the tactile and clicky features ensure that you don’t misspell and help you keep a steady hand. Indeed, Outemu Blue switches are not the best option for gaming switches because the click and tactile elements can make it challenging to press keys quickly and require a lot of concentration and effort for each key.

Kailh Cream Switches
Kailh Cream Switches (Image credit: gamingct)

Kailh Cream Switches

Smoothest feel


Weight: 0.705 ounces | Dimensions: 7.87 x 3.94 x 1.97 inches |


These linear switches are so smooth and have easy clicks with no sound.

 The actuation force required is very low around 55g.


little expensive as compared to other switches.

Kailh Cream switches are brand-new linear switches. With a stem and housing constructed from POM that self-lubricates This linear provides an effortless and distinct experience. This is an original for Kailh and comes with MX-style latching on the housing. Kailh Cream Linear 4mm 2mm operating 55g actuation and 70g bottom out Please pay attention to Kailh Switch only and not encompassing other services.

I am a huge fan of these Cream Switches. I’ve used Gateron Black Ink switches, and they are much more smooth than the Creams. The main reason I thought this was that Creams were softer when typing, and I felt that Creams made a better sound. I have my switches without lube. If you’re looking for something more comfortable to type on, you can get Creams. If you’re looking for a smoother experience, take Gateron Ink Blacks since these Creams are scratchy. The scratchiness isn’t a problem for me at all.

These switches sound great when lubricated. These switches are great for those who want to have great-sounding switches. These are not the easiest to use, but they will become more comfortable after a few uses. 8/10 for those who don’t want to lube. 10/10 for those who do. With an actuation range of 2 millimeters and a bottom-out travel distance of 4 millimeters, These switches are simple to operate, light, perform actions, and respond quickly.

Cherry MX Speed Silver
Cherry MX Speed Silver (Image credit: Amazon)

Cherry MX Speed Silver

Most Reliable


Weight: 0.705 ounces | Dimensions: 2.56 x 2.56 x 0.79 inches |


Linear switching characteristics

45 cN operating force

1.2 mm pre-travel

3.4 mm total travel

No click sound



One of the top choices in this listing is this Linear switch: the Cherry MX Speed Silver linear mechanical keyboard switch. Are you looking for the top switches? You can find these great switches from Amazon.

These switches are simple to use, require minimal pressure, are silent, and can be used efficiently for typing and gaming because of the high actuation points these switches are equipped with.

  • Fastest Cherry MX Switches Mode: Linear Switching with low spring resistance. Triggers directly.
  • Speed For Gamers: Speedy and precise, it’s ideal for gaming. It comes with a very minimal pre-travel, just 1.2mm, and doesn’t have a click. If milliseconds determine whether you will win or lose this CHERRY MX Speed Silver is your guarantee for a winning gaming session.
  • Characteristics: 45 CN operating force.1.2 mm pre-travel. 3.4 mm total travel. There’s no click.
  • 100% Purely made from Cherry and Cherry in German. Distributed by Granville. Repackaged in small packages in China. PP box that protects.

The real issue is often obscured. The mechanical keyboard technology that guarantees the highest quality and reliability can be hidden beneath the caps of the keys: CHERRY MX can be described as the leader in this field because the key switches are the ultimate benchmark. They were developed and produced in Germany.

Through decades of expertise, CHERRY MX is now the brand name that players use in mechanical button switches. The premium MX switches provide the best quality, durability, and convenience to give you the best gaming experience.

The path to success starts with your capabilities and equipment. CHERRY MX is regarded as the best button switch globally because of its highest precision in design, manufacturing, and design, making it the perfect choice for all players.

Gateron Yellow Switches
Gateron Yellow Switches (Image credit: Amazon)

Gateron Yellow Switches

The Best Sound


Material: Plastic | Protection: IP54 |


high-quality and inaudible clicks

Low priced

The actuation force is only 50g


Low Trigger Level

These switches are considered to be less stable

Gateron Yellow Switches can be described as linear ones that have distinct sounds. They accomplish this by using the Gateron Milky Yellow top housing together with black bottom housing. Sometimes called Gat Yellow, KS-3 Switches, Milk Yellow, or Gateron yellow These switches are the best choice for an efficient linear switch for an affordable. These Linear switches are available on amazon

  • Carefully hand-lubed by MPKeebs
  • Lubed with Krytox Lubed with 205G0 Lubricant
  • Stock springs are lubricated with Krytox GPL 105 Oil Lubricant
  • The procedure involves applying a light coat of paint to the rails on the bottom housing as well as a medium-sized to normal-size coating to the stems.
  • Test of hand-lubed typing under the product media

Be aware that if the switch doesn’t fully move in the housing, we suggest ensuring that both the top as well as bottom housings have been securely secured.

Gateron Red Switches
Gateron Red Switches (Image credit: Amazon)

Gateron Red Switches

Best for Gaming


Item Dimensions LxWxH: 0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches | Switch Type: Pushbutton Switch |


The linear switches are so smooth and have easy clicks with no sound.

 The actuation force required is very low around 55g.


little expensive.

Gateron Red switches are mechanical switches that are linear that have an actuation force of 45g. They offer a very quiet and smooth clicking experience.

Gateron Red switches have a rapid response time, which is ideal for gaming. But, when you type it is possible to get a typo with the slightest click on the Red switches.

The switch is very light and you’d love to play with it. Its Red Gateron switches are great for gamers and gamers love these switches.

Cherry MX Black Switches
Cherry MX Black Switches (Image credit: Amazon)

Cherry MX Black Switches

Most Durable


size: |


high-quality and inaudible clicks

Low priced

The actuation force is only 50g


Low Trigger Level

These switches are considered to be less stable

The Upper Housing can be described as a CAD precision component made of polymer plastic. With a tolerance of fewer than 0.01 millimeters, the piece controls the switch slide with precision creating the CHERRY keys switch is the best linear switches housing for the switching mechanism. check on amazon

A high-precision CAD component constructed of a plastic polymer designed specifically made for Cherry MX. Cherry MX creates the pre-travel as well as the keystroke feel between the housing’s upper and the coil spring. The keycap is positioned to the upper portion of the stem.

The black switch slide is the reason for the characteristics of the linear switch that are characteristic of CHERRY MX Black. Because of its straight TLS surface, it triggers the switch immediately.

The crosspoint contact, which is made of gold, is at the core of every CHERRY MX key switch and is the foundation of its remarkable longevity and reliability. With the highest accuracy, these triangular cross-contacts meet at precisely right angles.

The unique CHERRY technology and the ornate gold-plating make contacts that are electrical self-cleaning. It also ensures that the key switch is protected against corrosion. This guarantees key switch longevity of more than 100 million functions.

Yellow Gateron
Yellow Gateron (Image credit: Amazon)

Yellow Gateron

Speed and precision


Material: Plastic, Metal, Steel| Weight: 7 ounces | Dimensions: 5.43 x 5.04 x 2.72 inches |


Best for Gaming and office work


No click sound



Mechanical switches have always been superior in speed and precision, and prior to the year 2010, they were exclusively utilized for typing, as they were designed specifically for this purpose. Razer was the first to make the revolutionary decision to make use of mechanical switches to make gaming keyboards and the result was the first-ever game-specific mechanical keyboard, called the Razer Black Widow.
Four years after, Razer redefined the limits of gaming performance with the creation of mechanical switches that were developed specifically to handle the demands of gaming. This is how the Razer(TM) Mechanical Switch was created.

Razer manages the entire manufacturing process for every switch, right down to the blueprint. Because of this, Razer switches are developed from the bottom from scratch and made to cater to the demands of competition. This allows for tighter tolerance and quality assurance procedures, to ensure that each switch is reliable.

It has an eight million-year lifespan for keystrokes that is specifically designed to last for 60% longer than other switches of the same type – Razer(TM) mechanical Switches provide gamers with the security they require even for the most challenging circumstances.

Outemu Black Switches
Outemu Black Switches (Image credit: Amazon)

Outemu Black Switches

Budget Friendly


Weight: 0.056 ounces | Dimensions: 0.59 x 0.59 x 0.79 inches |


2.5mm Actuation | 4mm Total

65g Operating | 82g Bottom-out

~£4.00 (10 pieces)


Low Trigger Level

Its Outemu Black is a medium-stiff Cherry MX Black best linear switch similar to the MX Black-like performance but at the price of a reasonable one. But, as per Haata’s force curves, it appears that the Outemu Black is roughly 10g heavier after actuation and the bottom-out. It also triggers later in the journey by 2.5mm instead of 2mm. This is an important thing to remember. Check Price On amazon

The typing experience with headphones on is acceptable. But, when headphones are removed and the pingy quality of the keyboard is evident its ugly side is, resulting in a sour typing experience. In spite of that, however, the switch is pleasant to type on, it’s not binding, it’s not extremely scratchy, and is well-weighted to my fingertips. However, the music… It’s a shiver.

It’s really nice to play with. The weighting is perfect for getting your bottom out, particularly when playing an FPS. It’s also not too scratchy once you feel comfortable with things…I am a fan, apart from the time I realize the scratchy quality. It’s quite good overall.

EPOMAKER AKKO CS (Image credit: Amazon)


Great Tactility


Dimensions: 11.73 x 5.31 x 2.56 inches | Weight: 8.4 ounces |


Simple, straightforward, and useful switch.

Durable and long-lasting.

It is easy to operate.

It is compact and light in weight.


little Clicky

These are the new switches that are designed for customers with specific requirements. Contrary to conventional switch designs, AKKO CS has made some changes based on customers’ experiences. It comes with distinct characteristics. In contrast to AKKO V2 switches CS switches have spiral springs. We’ve made three varieties of CS switches, including tactile linear matcha blue/linear green/linear red. Whichever you decide to be to your preference on which we have it covered.

with 55gf+/-10gf of the working force and 0.5mm the tactile location (end up to 1.8mm), the AKKO CS Ocean Blue switch provides an exceptional tactile experience that is different from a normal blue switch or brown switch. When you become familiar with it, you’ll experience its exceptional performance for gaming and typing

The Matcha Green switch has been upgraded using a pink or red switch. The switch is built with a 50g of operating force and a slow spiral spring, the force is heavier, however, it’s a linear switch ideal for games as well. In comparison to AKKO Second Gen pink switch, AKKO CS Rose Red switch has 43g of operating force, a gradual spiral spring, and the bottom out is less heavy but is more efficient. With a longer 3.5mm total travel as well as a louder sound, it’s crystal clear. It’s ideal for work (no exhaustion), games (faster trigger)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between linear and tactile switches?

The main difference between linear and tactile switches are

Linear: The keystroke is smooth and steady, making a discreet sound.

Tactile: A tiny bump at each keystroke, with moderate sound.

Clicky: A slight bump at each keystroke, with the sound of a loud click. Suppose you’re looking for an instrument that lets users play with any switch. You’d like to look at our top picks of keyboards that can be hot-swapped.

Best Linear switches are one type of switch that focuses on creating an even, smooth movement without tactile feedback.

linear switches information

2. Are linear switches better?

In the end, linear switches offer more incredible speed and can give gamers an edge over their competitors. If that’s what you’re looking to do, you should look into speed options with the Cherry MX. The Kailh linear choices are great for gaming, and however, they’ll serve you very well if you require something else.

3. Are linear switches suitable for FPS Games?

Linear switches are the best choice for gaming. This is because linear switches are consistent and smooth, and every keystroke is precise without any clicks or bumps sound.

Furthermore, they click the keys of their keyboards more quickly and quicker, which means they have no issues with their keyboards.

4. Are linear switches better for typing?

Yes. I use them all the time. Linear switches allow you to use your wrists more naturally, improving typing performance. In addition, the linear switch is more stable than the roller switch.

As for as Linear switches are better for gaming because they require less force to activate them.

5. 5-Pin Switch vs 3-Pin Switch?

3-pin switches are the standard switch, and they rely on the clipping of the keyboard’s plate to ensure stability

5-Pin switches are used in designs that do not require the plate and therefore add additional pins to make up for the loss of stability. They secure it on the board.

It is possible to use 5-pin switches that have plates. However, added stability isn’t needed.

6. What Are the Best linear switches for typing?

The ergonomics of a keyboard are determined by the user, meaning that different people have different preferences when it comes to ergonomics. But most importantly, the most comfortable keyboards are flat and have the keys laid out in an even fashion.

We recommend using the Cherry MX switches. Professional gamers widely use them because of their clicky feel and long lifespan.

7. What is the smoothest linear keyboard switch? 

This would be the Cherry MX Black, which has a clicky tactile response and a very high actuation force. The Black switches have a very smooth and silent actuation. This makes them perfect for all applications requiring a quiet typing experience.

It also has an actuation point just about at the middle of the keystroke, making it easy to hit all the keys. They’re so smooth because the actuation point is much higher than any other switch (the “sweet spot”).

Should I get clicky or linear switches?

1. Clicky Switches sound Test

A clicky switch performs precisely as its name suggests, and they are distinguished by a distinctive click sound which can be detected when the switch is activated. The switches that click also provide feedback by way of tactile resistance, which must be overcome to activate the switch and record the movement of a keystroke. They usually come with Hysteresis, which is typically thought to be a negative trait to use in gaming.

2. Linear Switches Sound Test

Linear switches are sought-after because of their smooth, fluid action, free from the touch. The keystroke is a simple downward slide with no vibration or clicking leaf. Linear switches are almost silent yet easy to top out based on the force of actuation required by the spring’s force.

So it’s entirely up to you if you love Quiet switches or Clicky switches.

What is the best linear switch for gaming?

Cherry MX Blue, Brown, Red, and Black are the best linear switches for gaming keyboards. These switches are considered the gold standard of switches. They are durable, responsive, and reliable.

There are several other types of switches available on the market. However, they are often not as popular as the linear switches listed above.

Tactile switches are the most popular type of switch on the market. They are inexpensive and easy to use. The downside is that they aren’t as durable as the other types.

Linear switches are also quite popular. They are known for being quiet and providing good tactile feedback. They are a good choice for gamers who want to play on a budget.

The final type of switch is the tactile switch. These are similar to the tactile switches, but they are slightly louder. They are less expensive than the other types, so they are a good option for those who don’t mind the noise.

While linear switches are the most popular on the market, the best ones for gaming are the Cherry MX Blue, Brown, Red, and Black. These switches are durable, responsive, and reliable.

How does linear switch work?

A linear keyboard switch is a mechanical switch used to control a device such as a keyboard. The switch can be adjusted to provide an entire keyboard operation or one key at a time.

The switch consists of two parts, a push button, and a cam. The cam is attached to a lever that extends from the push button. When the push button is pressed, the cam rotates into contact with the keyboard, closing the circuit. When the push button is released, the cam returns to its original position, breaking the circuit.

The key switch is an essential part of the keyboard. It allows the user to adjust the keys on the keyboard to function as a full keyboard or as a single key.

How to improve your linear switches?

Mechanical switches like your keyboard can be improved with some switch lubricant.

It is a DIY project that can enhance your linear switch’s overall travel by adding several parts.

By lubricating the keycaps of a switch, friction is cut down, resulting in a more comfortable typing experience.

If you want to make your keyboard glide smoothly, you’ll need a few things.

1) Switch lubricant

2) Switch puller

3) Keycap puller

Final Tip

It is the best thing I have put my fingers on in quite a while……LOL If you’re new to the keyboard thing, I suggest you start with the popular Cherry MX speed silver switches. Cherry MX silver switches are the most popular choice for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts because of their tactile feel and ability to last a long time. 

You can also give it try to Kailh cream brand of linear switches or Gateron. They have the right amount of giving, don’t move around too much, and are easy to clean. They are worth every penny.

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