Top 10 Best Linear Switches for a Mechanical Keyboard

best linear Switches for keyboard

Top 10 Best Linear Switches for a Mechanical Keyboard

In this day and age of distinct mechanical keyboards switches, which one is the most suitable for gaming and typing? This is probably a question that has been bothering you for a while. It’s pretty easy. What exactly is Best Linear Switches? We’ll help you through the process.

For this post, we’ll discuss the Best linear switches and the best way to make them stand out against other types of switches. We’ll also review the top 10 most reliable linear switches to use with mechanical keyboards So, sit back and relax as you read this article until the very close.

The 10 Best Linear Switches for a Mechanical Keyboard are:

  1. Kailh Cream Switches
  2. Cherry MX Speed Silve
  3. Outemu Red Switches
  4. Gateron Clear Switches
  5. Cherry MX Red Switches
  6. Gateron Yellow Switches
  7. Gateron Red Switches
  8. Cherry MX Black Switches
  9. Razer Yellow Switches
  10. Outemu Black Switches

What are Linear Switches?

Linear switches are silent smooth, quick, and not clicky mechanical switches, which are perfect for games and typing for professionals. They do not give any bumps and are exceptionally effortless to operate.

They are among the most popular mechanical switches available in the marketplace. The clicking on the line switch can be virtually unheard, which is very helpful to those who tend to get distracted.

Utilizing the Best linear switches can be very beneficial in gaming because the clicks are swift and smooth that can facilitate quick responses and actions in-game as well as efficient typing. If you love gaming so try out best blue gaming chair

How to Identify Best Linear Switches?

You may be asking yourself what you can do to distinguish the Best linear switches in comparison to other switches? This may appear complicated to those with no experience in the field of eye and ear, however, we’re here to explain exactly what you’ll be able to do to recognize linear switches.

No Tactile Bump

If you press a tactile or clicky switch you will feel a distinct tactile bump. The bump occurs by the actuation point bump and also the weight of the spring inside the switch. But the bottoming out of linear switches isn’t able to produce an audible click. This is why there is no bump in these switches.

If you’re able to find all of these characteristics and elements in the keyboard that you can’t miss, then they’re linear switches. To ensure smooth, efficient, and fast keyboard clicks, opt for linear switches on mechanical keyboards.


If you’re looking for the click sounds of switches, the sound of the click sound is almost non-existent. The audio is not audible compared to clicky switches and tactile switches. This facilitates simple, uninterrupted typing as well as concentrated typing.

Top 10 Best Linear Switches

If you’re in the market for an electronic keyboard with linear switches, or you’re considering switching into a mechanical one that has linear switches, don’t worry since we’ve put together an inventory of the best linear switches that are available on the market to buy without searching the internet.

1. Kailh Cream Switches

Best linear Kailh Cream Switches

Product information

Color: Cream Switch x10

Package Dimensions7.87 x 3.94 x 1.97 inches
Item Weight0.705 ounces
Customer Reviews4.6 out of 5 stars    336 ratings
4.6 out of 5 stars

Kailh as we all know is among the top manufacturers of mechanical keyboards on the market. They are known for their creamy best linear switches have no flaws when it comes to astonishingly effortless clicking.

With an actuation range of 2 millimeters and a bottom-out travel distance of 4 millimeters, These switches are simple to operate, light and perform actions and respond quickly. Find your own pack of cream switches at Amazon


  • These linear switches are so smooth and have easy clicks with no sound.
  •  The actuation force required is very low around 55g.


  • little expansive as compared to other switches.

2. Cherry MX Speed Silve

Cherry MX Speed Silver

One of the top choices in this listing is this Linear switches: the Cherry MX Speed Silver linear mechanical keyboard switch. Are you looking for the top switches? You can find these great guys from Amazon.

These switches are simple to use, require minimal pressure, and are silent, and are able to be used efficiently for typing and gaming because of the high actuation points these switches are equipped with.

Use Your Potential

The real issue is often obscured. The mechanical keyboard technology that guarantees the highest quality and reliability can be hidden beneath the caps of the keys: CHERRY MX can be described as the leader in this field due to the fact that the key switches are the ultimate benchmark. They were developed and produced in Germany.

Cutting-edge technology for export professionals:

Through decades of expertise, CHERRY MX is now the brand name that players use in the field of Mechanical button switches. The premium MX switches provide the best quality, durability, and convenience to give you the best gaming experience.

The path to success starts with your own capabilities and equipment. CHERRY MX is regarded as the best button switch in the world because of its highest precision in design, manufacturing, and design which makes it the perfect choice for all players.


  • Linear switching characteristics
  • 45 cN operating force
  • 1.2 mm pre-travel
  • 3.4 mm total travel
  • No click sound


  • the silver speed switches are fairly expensive.

3. Outemu Blue Switch

best Outemu Blue Switch

This Outemu Blue is the best linear Switches and also a great switch for typing, especially at its cost. The blue switches have become a very popular feature on keyboards with lower prices.

Switch Type and Characteristics

It is important to note that the Outemu blue button is the type of switch that is clicky. This implies that the force of operation is higher at 60 cN. Also, the keyboard generates more sound when the keys are pressed. This is evident when the key is being pressed, making it easier to spot mistakes or keystrokes that are not intended while typing.

Due to the weight of this key, the point of activation is higher than keys that are lighter and the overall distance that you travel in pressing the button is longer. The position for the tactile button is situated relatively low in the switches.

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Environmental Impact

An Outemu blue-switch keyboard might not be an ideal choice to take to work. The switch’s click can make the keyboard sound loud and is likely to cause a distraction to others working in the office. It is better to be used at home by people who enjoy hearing the clicks when they write.

Hand Size

Outemu Blue Best Linear switches have a good spring resistance, so they are suitable for those who have lead fingers. The majority of people with large hands would find the switch to be a great match for heavy keys. For those who have smaller hands or a more gentle feel, a switch that needs less force to operate is a better option.

Typing and Gaming

Its Outemu blue button is an excellent option for typing. The tactile and clicky features ensure that you don’t misspell and help you keep a steady hand. It is true that Outemu Blue switches are not the best option for gaming switches because the click and tactile elements can make it difficult to press keys quickly and require a lot of concentration and effort for each key.


  • high-quality and inaudible clicks
  • Low priced
  • The actuation force is only 50g


  • Low Trigger Level
  • These switches are considered to be less stable

4. Gateron Clear Switches

Best Linear Switches

When I first started playing with mechanical keyboards, I was of the opinion that linear switches were dull.

Nothing was particularly striking about the images. Where is the click? What’s the bump? Why bother with the springy plunger?

Oh, how foolish that I thought I was…

As time passed I’ve come to realize I was aware that among the most effective methods of enjoying the mechanical keyboard is to use the best linear switches.

Their smooth motion lets you fully appreciate the keyboard in its entirety rather than be distracted by random clicks or bumps.

And the exhilarating Thockysound each time you press a key.

First of all, to be clear to avoid confusion, these Gateron Clear switches are linear and are not copies that are clones of Cherry MX Clear or Halo/Hako Clear as they are tactile.

Please do not confuse them with one another!


What makes Gateron Clears stand out against other switches with linear connections available on the market are its lightweight springs.

At a mere 35g of actuation force and 45g at the bottom, the switches are so light that placing excessive weight onto the cap could cause the switch to be activated accidentally.

My friends tell me my neanderthal fingers. I can’t get my fingers to the bottom even with heavy springs.

So I didn’t really enjoy the typing experience on Gateron Clears initially. I was prone to making frequent typos and my typing speed dropped from 95 WPM to 60 WPM.

I would keep hitting the edge of the keycaps, and thus activating the switch next to it I also accidentally triggered key presses when I rest my hands too much.

However, I continued to pursue research…

After a few days, I noticed that my typing speed had been back to normal, and I realized that I don’t have the hands of a Neanderthal, but I have apprehensive fingers!

The typing experience on these switches has altered my experience with typing, possibly for good.

As time has passed, I’ve come to love the Gateron Clears increasing in value. I’ve never written on anything that light and fun.

The typing experience is blissful and restful.

Words appear as if they are being displayed on your screen, without having to move your muscles.


  • Very cheap
  • Best grip
  • No Sound
  • 35g  actuation force which is incredibly low


  • Low Actuation Point
  • Less stable

5. Cherry MX Red Switche

Cherry MX Switch Set

Cherry MX is the most popular and well-known best linear switches series that provides an outstanding, smooth, comfortable typing experience. The Cherry MX switches are Cherry MX switches that are fully compatible with our standard Keychron Wireless Keyboard Hot-swappable versions that don’t require soldering

Cherry provides the well-known and widely-used switch technology used for mechanical keyboards. The Cherry MX Switches and MX RGB Switches are offered in various variations. The most popular three include Cherry MX Red, Blue, and Brown. They deliver linear, click, and tactile feedback.


  • Very cheap
  • Best grip
  • No Sound
  • 35g  actuation force which is incredibly low


  • less stable

6. Gateron Yellow Switches

Gateron Yellow Switches can be described as linear ones that have a distinct sound. They accomplish this by using the Gateron Milky Yellow top housing together with black bottom housing. Sometimes called Gat Yellow, KS-3 Switches, Milk Yellow, or Gateron yellow These switches are the best choice for an efficient linear switch for an affordable. These Linear switches are available on amazon

Gateron Milky Yellow Features:

  • 10 is included in every pack
  • Linear
  • Actuation 50g
  • PCB Mount 5 pins
  • Available In:
    • Black top housing with milky top and bottom housing
    • Full Black Housing
  • Travel 4.0mm

Hand-Lubed best Linear Switches

  • Carefully hand-lubed by MPKeebs
  • Lubed with Krytox Lubed with 205G0 Lubricant
  • Stock springs are lubricated with Krytox GPL 105 Oil Lubricant
  • The procedure involves applying a light coat of paint to the rails on the bottom housing as well as a medium-sized to normal size coating to the stems.
  • Test of hand-lubed typing under the product media

Be aware that if the switch doesn’t fully move in the housing, we suggest ensuring that both the top as well as bottom housings have been securely secured.


  • 10 Gateron Yellow Switches


  • high-quality and inaudible clicks
  • Low priced
  • The actuation force is only 50g


  • Low Trigger Level
  • These switches are considered to be less stable

7. Gateron Red Switches

Gateron Red Switches

Gateron Red switches are a mechanical switch that is linear that has an actuation force of 45g. They offer a very quiet and smooth clicking experience.

Gateron Red switches Gateron Red switches have a rapid response time, which is ideal for gaming. But, when you type it is possible to get a typo with the slightest click on the Red switches.

The switch is very light and you’d love to play with it. Its Red Gateron switches are great for gamers and gamers love these switches.


  • The linear switches are so smooth and have easy clicks with no sound.
  •  The actuation force required is very low around 55g.


  • little expansive as compared to other switches.

8. Cherry MX Black Switches

Cherry MX Black Switches


The Upper Housing can be described as a CAD precision component made of polymer plastic. With a tolerance of fewer than 0.01 millimeters, the piece controls the switch slide with precision creating the CHERRY keyswitch’s is the best linear switches housing for the switching mechanism. check on amazon


A high-precision CAD component constructed of a plastic polymer designed specifically made for Cherry MX. Cherry MX creates the pre-travel as well as the keystroke feel between the housing’s upper and the coil spring. The keycap is positioned to the upper portion of the stem.

The black switch slide is the reason for the characteristics of the linear switch that are characteristic of CHERRY MX Black. Because of its straight TLS surface, it triggers the switch immediately.


The crosspoint contact, which is made of gold, is at the core of every CHERRY MX key switch and is the foundation of its remarkable longevity and reliability. With the highest accuracy, these triangular cross-contacts meet at precisely right angles. The unique CHERRY technology and the ornate gold-plating make contacts that are electrical self-cleaning. It also ensures that the key switch is protected against corrosion. This guarantees key switch longevity of more than 100 million functions.


  • high-quality and inaudible clicks
  • Low priced
  • The actuation force is only 50g


  • Low Trigger Level
  • These switches are considered to be less stable

9) Razer Yellow Switches


Mechanical switches have always been superior in speed and precision, and prior to the year 2010, they were exclusively utilized for typing, as they were designed specifically for this purpose. Razer was the first to make the revolutionary decision to make use of mechanical switches to make gaming keyboards and the result was the first-ever game-specific mechanical keyboard, called the Razer BlackWidow.
Four years after, Razer redefined the limits of gaming performance with the creation of mechanical switches that were developed specifically to handle the demands of gaming. This is how the Razer(TM) Mechanical Switch was created.


Razer manages the entire manufacturing process for every switch, right down to the blueprint. Because of this, Razer switches are developed from the bottom from scratch and made to cater to the demands of competition. This allows for tighter tolerance and quality assurance procedures, to ensure that each switch is reliable. It has an eight million-year lifespan for keystrokes that is specifically designed to last for 60% longer than other switches of the same type – Razer(TM) mechanical Switches provide gamers with the security they require even for the most challenging circumstances.


  • Best for Gaming and office work
  • Smooth
  • No click sound


  • little expensive than others

10) Outemu Black Switches

Its Outemu Black is a medium-stiff Cherry MX Black best linear switches similar to the MX Black-like performance but at the price of a reasonable one. But, as per Haata’s force curves, it appears that the Outemu Black is roughly 10g heavier after actuation and the bottom-out. It also triggers later in the journey by 2.5mm instead of 2mm. This is an important thing to remember. Check Price On amazon

Typing Performance

The typing experience with headphones on is acceptable. But, when headphones are removed and the pingy quality of the keyboard is evident its ugly side, resulting in a sour typing experience. In spite of that, however, the switch is pleasant to type on, it’s not binding, it’s not extremely scratchy, and is well-weighted to my fingertips. However, the music… It’s a shiver.

Gaming Performance

It’s really nice to play with. The weighting is perfect for getting your bottom out, particularly when playing an FPS. It’s also not too scratchy once you feel comfortable with things…I am a fan, apart from the time I realize the scratchy quality. It’s quite good overall.


  • Travel Distance:
  • 2.5mm Actuation | 4mm Total
  • Force:
  • 65g Operating | 82g Bottom-out
  • Price:
  • ~£4.00 (10 pieces)


  • Low Trigger Level

what is the difference between linear and tactile switches

Best Linear switches are one type of switch that focuses on creating an even, smooth movement without tactile feedback.

Linear switches are ideal for people who don’t want the slight bump that comes from tactile switches or the loud sound of clicky switches.

Linear switches are typically quiet, smooth, and constant throughout the entire movement.

They are particularly employed by gamers because they allow for greater precision in extremely competitive games.

The tactile switches are enjoyable to use and give excellent feedback when typing, however, there are a few things to take into consideration before buying keyboards with tactile switches.

Tactile switches make a fantastic option for people who are who is new to mechanical keyboards. They’ll definitely be an improvement over your regular notebook keyboard or membrane keyboard.

Anyone can get an instrument with tactile switches and experience the satisfying rumbles of every keystroke.

Tactile switches create a bump that is of various sizes (depending upon the type of switching) as well as emitting a tiny click sound.

The tactile switches aren’t much louder than clicky switches, and you’ll be able to utilize them in a social environment without drawing attention to yourself due to the sound.

We strongly recommend a tactile switch for anyone who is considering a mechanical keyboard on their first try.

Are linear switches better?

In the end, linear switches offer greater speed and can give gamers an edge over their competitors. If that’s what you’re looking to do, then you should look into speeds options with the Cherry MX. The Kailh linear choices are great for gaming, however, should you require something else they’ll serve you very well.


It’s up to you which switches you choose to use. If you follow our suggestion and are looking for a smooth quick, non-clicky mechanical keyboard, then you must definitely choose an electronic keyboard with linear controls.

By using the best linear switches, whether typing in a professional work environment or playing with your buddies you’ll get the most satisfying experience that with a keyboard peripheral that can offer you.

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