Best Mouse for Drag Clicking in 2022

When it comes to mouse clicks, we’re usually concerned about speed. We want our computer to be able to perform the same task as quickly as possible. If you are a Gaming Enthusiast and looking for Best mouse for drag clicking and want to improve CPS (click per second) and increase your chances of winning most of your games.

You are at the right place! No need to use your Mbs further and surf internet. But, before we dive into the buying guide, let’s first have a look at what drag clicking is and how it helps you in-game. Here you go.

We have covered some amazing mice for drag-clicking after hours of sweat. Our Team gets all this information from different forums, Social media, and Youtube and all our’s recommended mice, reliability, accuracy, and precise clicking have been tested by our Team from time to time.

What is drag-clicking?

I’ve been a gamer for as long as I can remember, and over the years I’ve tried many different mice. Many factors go into a good gaming mouse: comfort, maneuverability, and ergonomics. And when it comes to comfort, there’s nothing better than using your hand naturally.

To make it very simple, drag-clicking mice are specifically designed for gaming. gamers are more worried about the speed, so drag clicking enhances the clicking speed rate up to 30 to 40 times. the quicker the clicking, the more possibilities that a player can hit the adversary.

Drag click is a capricious method of clicking the mouse where players register many clicks in a single drag. It is absurd to expect to utilize the strategy for Minecraft PvP battles. For this technique, a gamer uses a tacky finger mouse whereby after hauling can enlist many clicks.

How to drag click on any mouse?

Best Mouse For Drag Clicking

When you drag your finger on the mouse button, you take advantage of the contact between the skin of your finger and the mouse button when you move your fingers across the surface. This friction creates vibrations that are received by the mouse switch, thus recording more clicks than can normally be achieved. This action lets you get up to 30cps if done right.

We have spent some time researching to pick great mice for you to help you in gaming. Today we will explain and review the top 10 Best Mouse For Drag Clicking.

At a Glance:

  1. HyperX Pulsefire Haste
  2. Glorious Model O Mouse
  3. BENGOO KM-1 Wireless Mouse
  4. Redragon M711 Cobra RGB
  5. Razer Viper Mini Ultralight
  6. SteelSeries Rival 3
  7. Logitech G502 HERO Mouse

HyperX Pulsefire Haste
HyperX Pulsefire Haste (Image credit: Amazon)

HyperX Pulsefire Haste

Editor choice, Good for gaming


Super Lightweight

Easy to grip and scroll

Solid clicking and great coating

Build quality seems sturdy

Up to 16000 DPI

6 Programmable Buttons

Good value for low price


The software is reletively poor

An esports mouse that features a honeycomb chassis with holes to reduce weight. Because the Pulsefire Haste has great balance, it doesn’t require one amazing feature. It is extremely light and offers good hand support and most powerful and Best Mouse For Drag Clicking.

The Pulsefire Haste is a familiar mouse after more than a year spent focusing on low-weight, simple esports mice. It is a small, six-button wired right-hand mouse with one RGB accent.

It has all the usual buttons: two clicks and an RGB-laden scroll wheel. There is also a DPI preset select button at the top. Your thumb can access the long, thin, forward, and back buttons on the left.

Designed in a way that is suitable for teens and kids as well. There are small holes like the honeycomb design. It prevents your hand from getting wet while holding the mouse tightly and playing games.

Glorious Model O Mouse
Glorious Model O Mouse (Image credit: Amazon)

Glorious Model O Mouse

Amazon Choice, Best lightweight mouse


Lightweight and super stylish

Up to 12000 DPI and 6 button

Easily grip able, smooth, and responsive

Special lighting effects and colors

Reasonable price with great quality


Only downside to this mouse is the difficulty of cleaning it due to the holes in the shell.

The glorious Model O gaming mouse is extremely light and feels solid. It features a honeycomb pattern design, which makes it one of the most lightweight mice we have tested.

The wired model is equipped with a lightweight, flexible cable. The cable has six buttons, two of which are on the sides. All of them can be programmed in the companion software.

It has a remarkable performance, with a large CPI range that is consistent regardless of how fast or slow you move it, and low click latency. The sensor’s ambidextrous design is very comfortable and suitable for all grip styles.

Its large body may not be suitable for those with smaller hands. This is also considered one of the Best Mouse For Drag Clicking. They might feel more at ease using the Glorious O- which performs similarly.

The glorious Model O mouse is a great choice for FPS games. It is extremely responsive, has low click latency, and has great DPI settings. It feels solid and should be comfortable enough to play marathon games. Glorious Model O- is a better choice for those with smaller hands. This one might be a bit too big.

BENGOO KM-1 Wireless Mouse
BENGOO KM-1 Wireless Mouse (Image credit: Amazon)

BENGOO KM-1 Wireless Mouse

The Most Reliable and Responsive!


3 Adjustable DPI

6 Proggramable Buttons

Chroma RGB Lights

Color patterns can switch manually or automatically.

Ergonomic design

Auto-sleep mode

Long last battery timing

Affordable price


If you have a big hands, you may be have issue with positioning mouse.

Are you looking for a drag-clicking mouse? The Bengoo Km-1 is the product for you. Not only can it click up to 20 million times, but even the scroll wheel is also replaceable.

  1. 3 Adjustable DPI and Flexible Buttons– The Bengoo Km-1 has a 4-level DPI shift and drag-clicking button to adjust for different computer games. You can choose between 800, 1200, 1600, or 3200 DPI with ease and comfort. It also has an auto-sleep mode which conserves your battery for up to months at a time.
  2. Ergonomic design – which makes it comfortable to hold in the palm of your hand, even after long periods of continued use. You can grip it however you want because its rubberized texture allows for extra durability and comfort.
  3. Chroma RGB Lights – The Bengoo Km-1 is a wireless mouse that has a Chroma RGB light inside of it. The light can be customized using different software, so you can have any color or pattern you want from breathing effects to rainbow color flashes.
  4. 2.4G Wireless Technology – The Bengoo Km-1 is a wireless mouse that has an extremely fast response rate. Whether the mouse is in use or not, it can connect at up to 10 meters away from its receiver. Within 10 meters, you have full control of the device.
  5. Compatibility– The Bengoo Km-1 wireless gaming mouse is a perfect choice for any gamer! The engine behind this mouse has been tested on multiple desktops and laptops. It’s compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1, and 10 as well as Mac OS X. This product uses 2 AAA batteries which are not included in the package. The Bengoo Km-1 mouse has an average Amazon rating of 4/5 stars which is the best.
Redragon M711 Cobra RGB
Redragon M711 Cobra RGB (Image credit: Amazon)

Redragon M711 Cobra RGB

A Valuable Product, Budget Friendly


Easy to install and operate

100-10000 DPI

9 programmable buttons

Awesome lightning modes

Comfortable to use

Smooth and easy scroll wheel

High sensitivity, fast and accurate

Great material and great construction

High quality for a pretty low price


Scroll wheel makes a squeaky sound when scrolling fast or quickly sometimes

The Redragon M711 Cobra RGB Optical Gaming Mouse is a high-performance gaming mouse with an optical sensor, supporting multiple DPI settings. It has 7 programmable buttons and features an adjustable weight system for your comfort and convenience.

The Redragon M711 Cobra RGB Optical Gaming Mouse has built-in memory that allows you to save up to 5 different profiles. this mouse also gives you the fastest drag-clicking technique. It also comes with a solid aluminum base for stability and long-lasting durability. This incredible gaming mouse from Redragon boasts the most advanced technology available.

Razer Viper Mini Ultralight
Razer Viper Mini Ultralight (Image credit: Amazon)

Razer Viper Mini Ultralight

Ultra-light. Ultra-fast


Grip perfectly

 DPI settings and has a cool color and pattern change feature

Supreme accuracy and speed

 Smooth mouse movement

Decent mouse click

Good Sensor



Lackluster software

The Razer Viper Mini Ultralight Gaming Mouse is the Best Mouse For Drag Clicking for gamers who are looking for a simple, lightweight, and portable mouse that delivers great performance. This mouse features an 8500 dpi optical sensor with an ergonomic right-handed design to ensure accurate tracking on almost any surface.

The Razer Viper Mini also has customizable buttons so you can easily access your favorite game commands. It’s powered by a single AA battery for up to 50 hours of continuous use without the need to recharge.

SteelSeries Rival 3
SteelSeries Rival 3 (Image credit: Amazon)

SteelSeries Rival 3

Solid Gaming Performance


Easy to use

Resonable sensitivity level

400+ hours battery life


Great RGB!

Decent mouse, simple professional design

Feels decent quality

Low cost


Batteries are annoying to change no matter how frequent

This mouse is the best mouse for drag-clicking I’ve ever used. It has a smooth surface, and it feels really nice in your hand. It also has weights inside that you can adjust to make it feel like the perfect fit for you! The software is easy to use and makes customizing the settings on this mouse really simple. This is by far my favorite gaming mouse.

  • 8,500 CPI TrueMove Core Optical Sensor – The Rival 3 features the world’s most advanced optical sensor, which provides up to 8,500 CPI and exceptional tracking accuracy.
  • 6 Programmable Buttons – The SteelSeries Rival 3 is equipped with six programmable buttons that can be tailored to specific game genres or individual playstyles.
  • Split Trigger – Our new split trigger design allows you to adjust your grip on the mouse for maximum comfort and performance.
  • Brilliant Prism RGB Lighting – SteelSeries Rival 3’s brilliant 16.8 million color illumination is fully customizable for a unique look that will make you stand out in the crowd.
  • Easy Switching Between Profiles – With its easy switching between profiles, you can have a different setting for each game or application. You can even use it as a flashlight!
Logitech G502 HERO Mouse
Logitech G502 HERO Mouse (Image credit: Amazon)

Logitech G502 HERO Mouse

World’s Best Selling


Great grip

Lightweight and sturdy

Smooth and responsive

Accurate and super fast

Completely flawless sensor, no odd tracking

Great for gaming

Great build-up quality

Supportive thumb rest

Impressive for the price point


RGB is almost pointless since it’s covered up by your hand.

This mouse is for the person who needs a lot of buttons and customization. It has 11 programmable buttons which can be used to do things like: switch weapons, change dpi, turn on/off windows features (like showing desktop), etc.

This mouse also has an optional weight cartridge that can be added or removed from it to make it heavier or lighter depending on preference. The shape of the mouse is very ergonomic and fits well in your hand. The G502 HERO gaming mouse offers you a total of 11 programmable buttons with 1 DPI shift button

  • 25K Sensor: Logitech G502 HERO Gaming Mouse has a new high-performance laser sensor that delivers exceptional accuracy, responsiveness, and reliability.
  • 25,600 DPI: With the highest DPI ever available on a Logitech gaming mouse, you can fly across the screen without missing a beat. The Logitech G502 HERO Gaming Mouse is ideal for FPS games where every millisecond counts.
  • RGB Lighting: Customize your lighting effects with up to 16.8 million colors and brightness settings for an endless combination of looks. The lighting effects are visible from almost any angle and look great on both PC and Mac computers.
  • 11 Programmable buttons: Customize your favorite game with up to 11 programmable buttons. Assign single commands or complex macros to any of the 11 programmable buttons.
  • Adjustable Weights: The Logitech G502 HERO Gaming Mouse has 5g weight so you can customize the balance and feel to fit your play style.
  • Advanced optical gaming sensor: An exclusive new optical gaming sensor tracks faster, and more accurately than previous generations. Best Mouse For Drag Clicking i have ever used. It’s tuned for performance, tracking up to 200 inches per second (IPS) and delivering 1:1 tracking accuracy.

Things that can affect how your mouse clicks

This could include your grip strength, hand size, finger length, and how you’re holding your mouse. While some of these factors can be controlled, others can’t. If your mouse clicks erratically, that could be a sign of a problem.

Other signs of mouse problems include the following:

• Clicking too soon after releasing the mouse button

• Repeatedly clicking the same spot

• Too much friction between the mouse pad and the mouse

• Not being able to move the mouse cursor from one screen to another without getting stuck in an area

• Difficulty clicking the mouse wheel

• Unusual sounds coming from the mouse, such as clicking or clacking, or unusual vibrations


Can any mouse drag click?

No. Only those mice with wireless connectivity can work as a mouse drag click. Other mice with a wired connection can only work as a trackpad and require a USB receiver to work with your computer.

How do I make my mouse click for drag?

First, check your settings and preferences to see if you have the option to allow the mouse to drag and if not, then disable this feature and use a different mouse instead.

However, if you don’t want to change the default behavior, then you can go to Mouse Properties, and then to Mouse Options. There, you can select Drag and Double Click from the drop-down menu.

Some mice can be programmed to click for drag by default, but if yours doesn’t, you can do it manually. Hold the mouse button down, and move it away from the mouse pad. Keep the button pressed until the mouse is released, and the cursor will start moving.

What is the best mouse for drag-clicking?

The best mouse for drag-clicking is the Logitech G502. It has a smooth, precise scroll wheel that’s easy to use, and it’s ergonomically designed for your hand. If you don’t have much experience using a mouse, or if you need a mouse that’s less precise, then the Razer Naga Chroma is also a good choice.

Why is drag-clicking important?

A majority of gamers are interested in the speed at which they are able to click the mouse as it helps improve their gameplay. Games like Minecraft require players to develop quick fingers.

Drag clicking lets you benefit from the friction between the buttons on your mouse and the skin when you move your fingers swiftly over the mouse’s surface. The friction creates vibrations that are received by the switch on your mouse which results in more clicks registered than would otherwise be feasible.

The Final Verdict

The Logitech G502 HERO Mouse is the best mouse for drag-clicking. It’s comfortable and easy to use, with a high DPI count that allows you to jump between targets quickly.

Glorious Model O Mouse has been around for a long time, but it still offers some of the best customization options out there.

If you want something with higher accuracy than the other mice on this list, then go with this option; otherwise, stick with one of the others! it feels cheap compared with some of the other models above.

And finally, if you’re looking for something more durable but still affordable then check out HyperX Pulsefire Haste Trinity.

The gaming industry is booming, and it is growing more competitive by the day. The competition among companies is fierce, and many of them are trying to outdo one another.