Best Office Chair For Pregnancy In 2022

It’s fantastic to have an optimistic woman as a partner. As I recall, the doctor told us to expect it in about 8 months. We were overjoyed beyond words.

On the other side, I’ll never forget the grief in my wife’s eyes, her hurtful voice, and her drained energy after she left her office because we ignored the real issue: the ordinary chair she was using in her workplace.

I said, “What’s the big deal about a chair, My love? She said, “it’s not about the chair; it’s about the proper platform for the spine, which will have to deal with an excess of 80% of body weight in the coming months,”.    

And just after this minor adjustment, my wife’s mood seems to lighten and she feel re-energize again and yep this the universal fact, that every woman wants to look and feel good during pregnancy, but not all chairs are made equal. What are the key factors to consider when choosing a pregnant chair?

So, in this article will cover the top 10 Best Office Chair For Pregnancy that can make pregnancy problems more accessible, healthier, and more comfortable.

At a Glance:

  1. FlexFit Hyken Mesh
  2. WorkPro Quantum 9000 Series
  3. Steel case Leap Office Chair
  4. Serta AIR Executive Office Chair 
  5. Duramont Ergonomic For Pregnancy
  6. NEUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic
  7. SIHOO Ergonomic
  8. Office Star FL Series

FlexFit Hyken Mesh
FlexFit Hyken Mesh (Image credit: Amazon)

FlexFit Hyken Mesh

Most Comfortable and supportive!


Easy to assemble

Very comfortable

Super amazing lumbar support

Lots of adjustability, up down

Decent reclining

Excellent chair for the price compared to similar chairs that cost $100+


It’s good for the price but the headrest may not fit to some people because of height

Hyken Mesh Office Chairs with Adjustable Arms Keep cool throughout your day with the Hyken Technical Mesh Task Chair. This office chair‘s technical design features breathable mesh and adjustable seat positioning and keeps you comfortable for hours. Maximize your seated position with changeable height, tilt, flexible arms, and lumbar support. If you looking for the Best Office Chair For Pregnancy so we recommend you this one.

Charcoal grey task chair. Mesh back and seat. Seat height adjustment, adjustable arms, tilt tension and tilt lock. Adjustable headrest. Suitable for up to 10 hours of use per day. Meets or exceeds all ANSI/BIFMA Standards. 7-Year Limited Warranty. Easy assembly- Easy-to-follow instructions with corresponding part packs to reduce confusion and assembly time.

WorkPro Quantum 9000 Series
WorkPro Quantum 9000 Series (Image credit: Amazon)

WorkPro Quantum 9000 Series

Sleek and stylish!


Super easy to assemble

Comfortable and Sturdy

Back height adjustment, seat slide adjustment, tilt/lock, and adjustable padded arm rests

 Recline for maximum back support

Best value for the money


The only down side to this chair is an unpadded seat

With the new WorkPro series, IKEA has created a new mesh/mesh chair, the Quantum 9000 series. Also with a mid-back design, this chair is ideal for medium-sized jobs. The mesh is comfortable and durable and features a soft cushion ergonomically designed for comfort.

Many people think that this is the Best Office Chair For Pregnancy. The seat has back support made of a contoured foam pad, offering firm support and pressure relief. This chair is also available in other colors, including red, yellow, and grey.

Steel case Leap Office Chair
Steel case Leap Office Chair (Image credit: Amazon)

Steel case Leap Office Chair

Adjustable and customizable!


 Super comfortable

An excellent quality

Adjustable neck supports

Great quality material

Well worth the money

Great for pro-long sitting


Seat raise/lower mechanism have common problem in this kind of chairs, so you can claim your warranty

Leap’s patented Natural Glide(TM) adjustment allows the seat to glide forward so you can recline without leaving your optimal zone for seeing and reaching your work. Our proprietary seat cushion design leverages built-in air pockets that conform to your body and flexible edges that relieve pressure points under your thighs.

Armrests are designed to remain parallel to your work surface as you move so that you can stay comfortably on the task at every angle of recline. Fully adjustable armrests raise up and down, pivot in and out, and shift forward and back and side to side, to provide steady support for your arms so your shoulders can remain in a relaxed position.

Leap’s contoured backrest features Live Back(TM) technology that changes shape as you move to support your entire spine in its natural, healthy S-shape. Height adjustable lumbar (optional) and lower back firmness control lets you set your preferred level of support for your lumbar spine.

Serta AIR Executive Office Chair 
Serta AIR Executive Office Chair  (Image credit: Amazon)

Serta AIR Executive Office Chair 

Feature-rich and versatile | Amazon Choice


Pretty simple to assemble

Comfortable and decent seat and back

High end foam in the seat, back and armrest

Soft and quality cushion

Easy to recline

Worth the price


If you’re above 5’6″, it will be very uncomfortable as the headrest is too low and not adjustable

The lumbar support is soft to allow for comfort while sitting. The backrest features a tilt mechanism that allows for the perfect angle while keeping you comfortable. This ergonomic chair also has an adjustable armrest and a deep seat with a high back that provides ample lumbar support. This chair offers the perfect combination of style and comfort.

The Serta Executive Office Chair effectively responds to your movement to keep you comfortable all day long. This ergonomic office chair comes with AIR Lumbar Technology, a support feature that flexes and pivots with your body as you lean and twist to ensure proper posture.

Layered body pillows and padded armrests provide a serene seating experience. The perforated center area of the seatback adds refreshing breathability, and ergonomic seat-side levers offer convenient height and tilt adjustments. This desk chair is upholstered in soft, supple bonded leather and features contrast stitching for a stylish touch.

Duramont Ergonomic For Pregnancy
Duramont Ergonomic For Pregnancy (Image credit: Amazon)

Duramont Ergonomic For Pregnancy

Ergonomic and modern design!


Nice looking and easy to assemble

Very comfortable and durable

The adjustable headrest rocks

Gorgeous solid and Steal chromed base

 Good quality cushion

Higher quality parts


Armrests are a bit hard and will be tough on your elbows after several hours of sitting.

Duramont chairs are made with a combination of materials, including metal, plastic, and fabric. The mesh back and arms help provide breathability and ventilation to the skin. The chair comes with a four-year warranty and is backed by the company’s lifetime customer service guarantee.

Because of our specific mechanism, this modern office chair has more adjustment than most office chairs available. You can be sure that you will find the ideal seat for you. You can adjust the headrest’s height and angle and lumbar support depth and height. The armrest’s size and distance from the seat, seat height and backrest tilt, and the tension on the slant.

The mesh back that breathes on this office chair supports and keeps you cool and comfy. Most pregnant women feel pain easily. So this is the Best Office Chair For Pregnancy. It has Cool air circulates throughout the mesh, keeping your back cool and dry and allowing you to sit comfortably for more prolonged durations instead of traditional chairs.

Simple directions allow anyone to construct this executive chair in only eight steps! After that, you’ll be able to alter the seat to suit your specific needs. The pneumatic controls of the chair allow you to elevate or lower the chair and turn back the backrest to stand straight. It is easy to locate the ideal ergonomic posture that will permit you to sit comfortably for long periods.

The task chair that you can adjust is built to last. It can hold a weight of 300 LBS and is constructed from the finest quality materials with a comfortable cushion seat, strong head and armrests, and rollerblade caster wheels that allow users to move across the floor of your office quickly. Choose your office chair and increase your comfort at work!

NEUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic
NEUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic (Image credit: Amazon)

NEUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic

High-quality and durable!


Insanely easy to put together

 Right lumbar support

Adjustable headrest

Perfect reclining

Anti-slip cushion

Good quality wheel and smooth rolling


The headboard can’t be locked in one position either, so it always moves

The backrest cannot be locked so that it stays in an upright position without reclining

4D Adjustable Lumbar and Armrest System, ElastoMesh, 135 Degree Back Tilt and Smooth HydraLift Dual Castors (and an additional Set of Floor Blades made from hardwood Castors) It’s easy to believe that Ergo3D is a futuristic product. Still, it’s, in fact, Ergo Seating with the finest quality and is here today.

Mesh Headrest adjusts both up and down, and the 4D Adjust Arms move forwards, backward, up and down, side-to-side, and then rotate to ensure the most comfortable fit for your body. 3D Lumbar Support hugs your back while the seat slides up and down to provide the best in personalized comfort in the workplace or at the top of your sport!

Our air-tight ElastoMesh allows for the perfect airflow to prevent sweating or sticking. It’s also soft and not as uncomfortable as sitting on wires like many chairs that you see in the market these days. While it’s essential to have regular breaks, however, Ergo3D is an excellent alternative. Ergo3D is so comfortable that you’ll forget that you’re working.

Our 5-Point Base with two castors offers more stability and durability over the typical single-castor chairs with four points. Our sturdy aluminium base makes this robust office chair suitable for adults who weigh up to 275lbs. We also provide you with a free Set of Blade Wheels – smooth like silk on wood.

Relax because you can enjoy the option of a tilt-up to 135deg to ensure you are in the ideal position to complete your task or to relax and marvel at how clever you are to have this tremendous ergonomic chair.

SIHOO Ergonomic
SIHOO Ergonomic (Image credit: Amazon)

SIHOO Ergonomic

Budget Friendly!


Can be put together in just 20 mint

Decent design and quality material

Great adjustments and comfortability

Sturdy and well built

Worth the money in this price range


The head rest is may be low for big people

Have you ever experienced pain in your shoulder or back? SIHOO Office Chairs, designed with Ergonomics, is the best option to shield your shoulder and back from fatigue and pain caused by sitting for hours on end. It is an ergonomic workplace chair constructed with lumbar support that can be adjusted from 90deg to 125deg, a headrest, lumbar support, and armrests.

SHIOO desktop chair built with top-quality levers base, gas lift, and PU silent rolling casters. Our desk chairs for office use can support up to 325lbs. Turn the lever up to alter the height by 4.7 inches up or down as well as 360degrotation. The office chair for home use is suitable for tile, carpet, or wooden floors and is noise-free.

Our desk chair is constructed of breathable mesh. The well-padded seat will make you feel relaxed and comfortable, so you will not feel numb for long hours of sitting. Our office chair is a desk chair, study desk recliner, and gaming chairs. It’s a beautiful present to give your loved ones.

The desk chair takes just 20 minutes to set up. The chair comes complete with components, including the user’s manual, tools, and protective gloves. We offer parts replacement on our tall and big office chair should you experience problems with it.

Office Star FL Series
Office Star FL Series (Image credit: Amazon)

Office Star FL Series

Premium comfort and Work Pro!


Easy to re-joint

Great seat cushion and comfortability

Easily adjustable (as much as it lets you)

Awesome lumber support

Excellent quality and feel

Great for this price



Thin seat cushion

Hard plastic armrests

Chair sometimes rotates on its own

Its Pulsar Series Self Adjusting Space Flex Back Chair with self-adjusting mechanism from Office Star Products is intelligently fitted with a solid yet flexible cut-out that is shaped back. The chair is constructed with a sturdy padding 2-layer mesh seat been built with pressurized seat adjustability. The adjustable seat absorbs moisture and allows for fast and easy seat placement.

Screen Back Armless Task Chair Screen Back Armless Task Chair from Office Star Products features a modern, two-tone design with integrated lumbar support. The task chair is constructed of a mesh fabric that lets air circulate and helps keep you cool.

The screen-back task chair from Office Star Products features a contemporary two-tone design with built-in Lumbar support and silver-accented flip arms. The Task Chair is constructed from a breathable mesh that allows air to circulate and helps keep you cool.

Office Star Products, established in the year 1987, provides a vast selection of commercial-grade furniture, office seating, and laminate case goods that withstand the challenges of working in commercial environments. Office furniture is ideal for commercial spaces and provides the utmost comfort, style, and longevity for your office at home.

The first thing you need to do is adjust the height of your office chair. You should be able to sit on the floor while still being comfortable. If you find that you cannot, you need to raise the chair’s height until you can comfortably sit on the floor.

People also ask

Which type of chair is best for pregnant ladies?

Pregnant women should choose supportive, comfortable chairs. Adjustable backrests, armrests, and lumbar support may be acceptable for pregnant women. A height-adjustable chair can help pregnant women maintain proper posture. A pregnant woman’s ideal chair depends on her needs and preferences.

How should a pregnant woman sit on an office chair?

Pregnant women should sit in a chair with a good backrest and lumbar support. Adjust the chair so the pregnant woman may sit with her feet flat on the ground and her knees bent comfortably. She should take frequent breaks to stand up, stretch, and walk about to avoid sitting too long. A footrest or stool can assist decrease pressure on her lower back by supporting her feet and legs.

Can I have a chair at work while pregnant?

Pregnant women should utilize a chair to maintain excellent posture and back support. The chair should be adjustable and give appropriate lumbar support so pregnant ladies can maintain proper posture.
Pregnant women should stand up, stretch, and move about often, and they may need a footrest or stool to support their feet and legs. Pregnant women can benefit from utilizing a chair at work, but they must be aware of their body needs.

Is a ball chair good for pregnancy?

A ball chair may not give the support and stability pregnant women need. Pregnancy can shift a woman’s gravity and posture, causing falls and other accidents.

A ball chair may not give adequate stability and support to prevent these problems and may not be comfortable for long periods.
A chair with a backrest and lumbar support can help pregnant women maintain proper posture and support the back and hips.

How should an office chair sit comfortably when pregnant?

Pregnant women prefer workplace chairs with lumbar support and a strong base. Upper body support includes armrests and an adjustable backrest. The expecting mother should be able to sit with her feet flat on the floor, and her knees bent 90 degrees. She should stand up, stretch, and move around often and not stay still for too long. A footstool or footrest could reduce her lower back tension.

Which chair is suitable for pregnant ladies?

Pregnant women need to rest their back. They shouldn’t be sitting all day in the same position, which is why the best chairs for pregnant women are: the recliner, the kitchen chair, the office chair, and the armchair. Each one provides a different level of support and comfort for your back. A recliner allows you to change positions and get comfortable quickly. It can also be used to read, do homework, or relax. You can even use it while watching TV and listening to music.


There are many things to consider when selecting an office chair for you and your baby. However, here are a few tips to keep in mind to get a Best Office Chair For Pregnancy.

First, look for a chair that will provide good posture support. You don’t want your back to ache when your baby grows. Second, you’ll want to look for a chair that will be comfortable for both you and your baby. Finally, ensure the chair is light enough that it won’t cause your back or neck pain. Happy shopping!