How to Change Mechanical Keyboard Switches in 2022?

Most mechanical keyboards are a compromise of two things: performance and durability. Today, we’re going to show you how to Change Mechanical Keyboard Switches without having to buy a new one.

One of the best things about the mechanical keyboard is the smooth, clicky feedback it gives you when you type. It’s a great way to remind yourself to slow down. That is until you get a noisy, clacky keyboard that’s hard to use. Luckily, it’s easy to change the switches on any mechanical keyboard—and you can do it without voiding your warranty.

Here is a straightforward guide that will help you change your mechanical keyboard linear switches.

Disassemble the keyboard case

Disassemble the keyboard case

The first step in disassembling a keyboard is to remove all the screws from the keyboard casing. Now you can see all the keyboard parts that are held together by the screws. Some keyboards come with a unique tool to help you loosen the screws, but a screwdriver will do just fine.

Desolder the switch

What does it mean to “desolder” a mechanical keyboard switch? You remove the button from its housing and replace it with a new one for starters. You then solder the new switch into the board and reassemble the whole thing.

Remove the Switch

To remove the mechanical keyboard switches, open up the keyboard, pull out the keycap, and slide off the rubber domes. As long as the keycap is secure in the board, there is no need to replace the keycaps or crowns. The mechanical switch is still inside the keycap and the rubber domes.

Install the New Switch

When installing a new switch, make sure that there are electric pins in every control for electric current, and you correctly place the pins. Also, check the alignment of the key with other keys. 

Test your switch

When you have done everything with your keyboard switches, plugin the keyboard with your computer and start testing all the keys that are working perfectly or not. So if there is an issue with a necessary check that and remove that.

What are Mechanical Switches?

A mechanical switch is any object you physically push to turn on and off. The term is used to describe the switch found on a light switch, and the time is also used to describe the mechanism of an object. This is an elementary explanation of the topic.

Types of Mechanical Switches

A mechanical switch uses a spring, such as the one in a door, to turn a switch. This type of switch is elementary and reliable. There are four types of mechanical switches: momentary push buttons, momentary rocker switches, rocker push switches, and toggle switches. Momentary push buttons are the most popular style.

Why Change the Mechanical Keyboard Switches?

There are many reasons why you might want to change the mechanical keyboard switches. Maybe the switches of your current keyboard are worn out or broken, and you need new ones. Also, perhaps you have switched to a different keyboard type (the wireless one). Maybe you’re tired of the same old mechanical switches, and you want to try some new ones. Or, perhaps you are looking for a keyboard with unique features that your old keyboard doesn’t have. Whatever your reasons, you need to know how to change mechanical keyboards switches. 

What is a Hot Swappable Keyboard?

 A hot-swap keyboard is a keyboard that you can easily swap out with another keyboard. This is useful if you want to change the keyboard you use on your computer. It is also an excellent idea for businesses or other companies to keep all their keyboards in a central place. By doing this, they will easily swap them out, and they won’t have to worry about having the right keyboard anymore.