What Is the Lightest Gaming Mouse

If you thought that the most competitive gaming mice like best gaming mouse under 20$ are already light at the weight of 63 grams, think twice. German manufacturer Zaunkoenig is the one that has developed the world’s lightest mouse , the M2K which weighs in at 23 grams and consider as lightest gaming mouse. YouTuber Optimum Tech has recently examined the mouse and he said it’s among the most powerful gaming mice that you can purchase today.

M2K can be described as an amazing engineering feat that is made from hollow carbon fiber and is half the size of a standard gaming mouse, with only 79mm. This mouse is extremely small to the point that it is required to make use of a fingertip grip as there’s nowhere to rest your hand.

The fact that it’s small and light , it doesn’t mean that it’s not packed with powerful hardware. The left and right buttons are powered by Japanese Omron D2F01F switches which are among the tiniest switches used in mice today and, According to Optimum Tech, are close to ultra-light switches found within Logitech G303.

The M2K has the top polling rate that is found in gaming mice of today with a staggering 8000 Hz due to the PixArt 3360 sensors. To give perspectives this mouse Razer Viper 8K Hz as well as The Corsair Sabre RGB Pro are the only gaming mice that have similar polling rates. The M2K has one of the lowest end-to-end latency figures ever recorded at 13.5ms in accordance with Optimum Tech’s own tests. This isn’t an enormous leap over polling rates of 1000Hz such as those of the Logitech Shroud G303 with 14.5ms yet it’s an excellent outcome.

About M2k Lightest Gaming Mouse

The product is a mouse that is the most competitive technologically mouse on the planet. Furthermore, the lightweight design of the mouse combined with high-end controls and sensors, is expected to decrease hand fatigue, increase the accuracy of the mouse, as well as improve its acceleration and deceleration. All this while using lesser weight to carry around.

As per Optimum Tech, all these evidences are true. He noticed his aiming performance when playing competitive FPS shooters such as Apex Legends and aim trainers to be much better than before, thanks to the M2K. He even went as far to say that it’s the best mouse he’s ever owned (and his gameplay supports the claim through his gameplay video).

But, the biggest issue facing the M2K at present is its price. On the Zaunkoenig website the M2K retails for 300 euros, or $315. It’s one of the most expensive mouse models available, and is twice as expensive than top-of-the-line models made by brands like Logitech. However, if you’re able to just afford the cost it will be an extremely capable gaming mouse.