The 5 best low profile gaming chair review (2022)

low profile gaming chair

1. What is a low profile gaming chair

A low-profile gaming chair can be a great option for those who have limited space. These chairs are designed to take up less room than regular recliners or big and bulky gamer chairs. They typically come with a built-in footrest, which provides additional comfort while you’re playing your favorite games for hours on end. If you looking for the best gaming chair so we all have a list for you.

The name is self-explanatory, these types of gaming chairs are the ones that don’t overpower the whole room as they’re low in height and compact enough to not take up too much space. In this article, we’ve listed 5 different brands that offer some really cool-looking designs at affordable prices. If you like what you see then head on over to their website by clicking on one of the links attached with the photos.

Top 5 low profile gaming chair

Photo Title Buy
Nokaxus Gaming Chair...image Nokaxus Gaming Chair Large Size High-Back Ergonomic Racing Seat with Massager Lumbar Support and Retractible Footrest PU Leather 90-180 Degree Adjustment of backrest Thickening sponges (YK-6007-BLUE) Check Price
X Rocker, 5172801,...image X Rocker, 5172801, Vibe 2.1 Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Floor Rocker, 23.62 x 14.57 x 17.69, Black/Red Check Price
OFM ESS-3086-RED High-Back...image OFM ESS-3086-RED High-Back Racing Style Bonded Leather Gaming Chair, Red Check Price
Amazon Basics Swivel...image Amazon Basics Swivel Foam Lounge Chair - with Headrest, Adjustable, Denim Check Price
RESPAWN 110 Chair,...image RESPAWN 110 Chair, Red Check Price

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1) Mr IRONSTONE Gaming Chair

Our Pick


  • Best low profile gaming chair
  • Comfortable gaming chair
  • Ergonomic design
  • For gaming and office work
  • Low price

It’s a gamer’s worst nightmare – being stuck in front of the screen with an uncomfortable chair. The Mr. IRONSTONE Low Profile Gaming Chair w/ Headrest will change your gaming experience forever! You’ll no longer have to worry about back pain or neck pain when playing video games for hours on end, just because you’re sitting in a bad chair. This ergonomic office chair features armrests and lumbar support that conforms to the shape of your spine, allowing you to sit comfortably while focusing on the task at hand – winning. The headrest can also be adjusted up and down for maximum comfort. Whether it is used as a desk chair or game room recliner, this ergonomic office chair will feel comfortable. Try Homall gaming chair also.

Furniture base movementSwivel
Size 26
Room TypeOffice
MaterialFaux Leather
Furniture FinishLeather

About Mr IRONSTONE Gaming Chair

  • Made For Gamer: Mr IRONSTONE Gaming Desk Chair is made for you, so you can focus on your game. With a large seat and an ergonomic chair back, this desk chair has close-up comfort for your gaming experience. The height of the desk chair is adjustable so it matches an adult or teen’s height.
  • Feature Rich: This Low Profile Gaming Chair is good for games. It has wheels and can spin in a circle. You can play games or work on the computer with this chair.
  • Stable & Rock Solid Construction: This desk chair is made from high-quality metal. There is a soft sponge inside that feels good when you sit on it. The desk chair can bear up to 250 pounds of weight, no matter how heavy the person sitting in it could be. This ensures stability and durability for long-term use.
  • Simplified Assembly & Easy Cleaning: To make putting together this chair as easy as possible, we have given you clear instructions and numbered the parts. We have also included all the tools that you will need to put it together. The chair has a PU leather surface. You can clean it with a wet rag.
  • What You Get: A gaming chair that you can adjust the height and armrest. It has easy instructions to follow and it is assembled quickly.

2) Amazon Basics Swivel Foam Lounge Chair

Our Pick


  • Best soft gaming chair
  • build for comfort
  • good for kids, adults, and teens
  • Quality leather
  • Low price

Do you enjoy playing video games but find that your living room furniture is not the most comfortable? You can now get a lounge Low Profile Gaming Chair that will provide maximum comfort, and it comes from Amazon Basics. The Amazon Basics Swivel Foam Lounge Chair – with Headrest, Adjustable, Denim has everything you need for a gamer’s dream gaming setup. This chair includes an adjustable headrest and swivels 360 degrees to allow gamers to use their entire body while sitting in front of the television. It also includes durable denim fabric which means this chair will last longer than other types of chairs such as suede and leather because they are more likely to wear out quickly with regular use.

Furniture base movementSwivel
Item Weight24.3 Pounds
BrandAmazon Basic

About Amazon Basics Swivel Foam Lounge Chair

  • This chair is good for sitting and reading, watching movies, and playing games. It has a metal frame that is adjustable.
  • Memory foam construction helps people sleep better. It makes them feel comfortable and supported.
  • This chair can go in different positions and is sized for adults, kids, or teenagers.
  • Folds down for easy storage
  • Comes full assembled
  • This chair is for people who are 5+. It’s the right size for adults, teenagers, or children.

3) OFM ESS Collection High-Back Gaming Chair Red

Our Pick


  • Cheap gaming chair
  • Design for comfort
  • Low price
  • For gaming and office
  • Ergonomic design

OFM ESS Collection High-Back Low Profile Gaming Chair is a perfect addition to any gamer’s setup. The chair has a high back and the design is sleek and modern. It has an ergonomic design that will keep you comfortable for long gaming sessions, with its cushioned seat, armrests, and headrest. You also have the option of choosing from four colors: black, white, red gaming chair, or blue. 

Recommended Uses For ProductGaming
Furniture base movementSwivel
Room TypeLiving Room
Indoor/Outdoor UsageIndoor

The OFM ESS Collection High-Back cheap Gaming Chair comes in at a low price and it is worth every penny! With this chair, you can now game comfortably for hours on end without feeling sore or stiff afterward! There are many other benefits as well such as.

About OFM ESS Collection High-Back Gaming Chair

  • COMPUTER GAMING CHAIR: This chair is for people who want to be comfortable when they are playing games and working.
  • ERGONOMIC SWIVEL CHAIR: This video game chair is comfortable because it has padded arms and headrests. The padding is in the shape of a curve.
  • ADJUSTABLE RACING CHAIR: This chair is adjustable. It moves up and down, it can tilt in the middle, and you can turn it around.
  • PREMIUM LEATHER CHAIR: This couch is covered in sofThread leather. It has a cool design with color contrasts that make it look aggressive.
  • DURABLE OFFICE FURNITURE: This chair is heavy-duty. It can hold 275 pounds of weight and it will not break.

4) X Rocker, 5172801 Wireless Bluetooth Chair

Our Pick


  • Best floor gaming chair
  • Comfortable design
  • Ergonomic design
  • Low price
  • built-in speakers

Gamers, rejoice! The X Rocker Vibe 2.1 Wireless Low Profile Gaming Chair is here to keep the gaming momentum alive on your feet. This rocker has a wireless range of up to 33 feet so you can take it anywhere in the house and still enjoy uninterrupted playtime with friends or family. It features a built-in subwoofer for an increased bass experience when playing games, watching movies, or listening to music. With an included remote control, adjustable volume settings, and auxiliary input jack you’ll be able to set this floor rocker up as soon as it arrives at your doorstep! So stop sitting on the couch all day and get moving with this new floor rocker from XRocker.

Form FactorFoldable
MaterialUpholstery-grade polyurea
Maximum Weight Recommendation275 Pounds
Item Weight26.39 Pounds

About Xrocker cheap gaming chair

  • Upholstered
  • BLUETOOTH RECEIVER: The chair has a built-in speaker, which plays music from any Bluetooth device.
  • ADDITIONAL VIBRATION MOTORS: The gaming chair has vibration motors that make the game more exciting for you.
  • COMPATIBILITY: This furniture can hold 275 pounds. It has TVs, DVDs, and CD players for you to use.
  • IMMERSIVE WIRELESS MEDIA EXPERIENCE: The chair is awesome! It has speakers near your head and a subwoofer in the back. Whenever you watch a show or play a game, it will make you feel like you are there.

5) Nokaxus Gaming Chair Large Size High-Back

Our Pick


  • Best gaming chair
  • Design for comfort
  • Good price range
  • For gaming and office
  • Ergonomic design

Nokaxus Gaming Chairs are the best cheap gaming chair on the market. They come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes to fit your needs. The Nokaxus Series is ergonomic with an adjustable headrest, armrests, and lumbar support for ultimate comfort. The chairs also have built-in massagers that can be turned on or off depending on how you like them. These chairs are perfect for all gamers who want a comfortable seat while they play their favorite games.

About Nokaxus Gaming Chair

  • ★MATERIAL: This Low Profile Gaming Chairhas big, soft handles that can be adjusted to make them the right size. The cushions are thick and comfortable. The back supports you well.
  • ★SAFE: The accessories and the barometer on this chair make it safe to lift. The thickened chassis makes it stable. There are big wheels on the floor that will not scratch it, and cushions that will not get worn out.
  • ★FUNCTIONS: The gaming chair has a footrest and a massage in the chair. It is comfortable and designed to encourage good posture. You can adjust the height, footstool, backrest and headrest. The chair goes from 90 degrees to 180 degrees.
  • ★BRAND CONCEPT: We take the gaming chairs that we make very seriously. We do inspections on the design and testing of it before it is made into a finished product. We hope every customer can get a perfect product, so we will always work hard to make you satisfied. Thank you for purchasing our gaming chair!
  • ★WARRANTY POLICY:We can help with problems for up to 1 year. If you have any, please contact us and we will answer you within 24 hours. You can return the product if you are not satisfied within a month. Any problem with our products that happens in the next 2 years will be fixed free of charge and we will also give you a mouse pad.

2. Why do you need a low profile gaming chair.

Do you find yourself struggling to get through a match of Fortnite or Counter-Strike? Have your gaming sessions become less and less pleasurable with each passing year as back pain sets in? If this sounds like you, then it is time for an upgrade. The best option for gamers who are looking to improve their gaming experience without sacrificing comfort is a low profile gaming chair.

A low profile gaming chair is one of the best ways to ensure your gaming experience is as comfortable as possible. Gaming can be a long and grueling activity, which can make it difficult for gamers to stay in an upright position for extended periods of time. This puts undue strain on the neck and back muscles, which leads to pain or stiffness after you put down the controller. A low profile gaming chair gives you more freedom of movement when playing games because they are designed specifically with comfort in mind.

3. How to find the right cheap gaming chair?

There are a number of things that you’ll want to think about before purchasing your low-profile gaming chair. Some of the questions you should ask yourself include:

1. Do I really need a new chair?

Are there any issues with the current one that is causing back pain or neck strain when playing for prolonged periods of time? You may find that replacing your old chair will solve all of your problems without having to buy an entirely new product.

2. Where will you be using it most frequently?

If you live in an apartment and have limited space, a bean bag may be more convenient than a bulky full-sized recliner. Even if you have plenty of room at home, do some research online on how large each product is and will it fit in your room?

3. Do you want to be able to recline, or just lean back?

Some of the chairs may seem more suitable for personalized comfort than others. If you want to use your chair while watching TV or playing video games, make sure that it has an adjustable headrest or armrest so that you can find a comfortable position with your body straight up and not slouching forward (which is bad for posture).

4. Don’t forget about storage.

If you are planning on using your chair at home in a room with limited space. look at what each product offers in terms of extra features such as cup holders, laptop trays, and other conveniences which may save space and keep clutter away from the area where gaming is taking.

6. Why it’s worth it in the end.

Gaming chairs if it is a Low Profile Gaming Chair or an expansive gaming chair but their benefits stem from the quality of the chair itself. For example, a comfortable memory foam seat will help relieve pressure on your back and spine while you sit in front of your computer playing video games for hours. Furthermore, extra features like audio headsets or Bluetooth connectivity can be very useful when gaming as it allows you to communicate with other players in real-time without having to worry about regular speaker volume.

Switching from an Office chair to an ergonomic gaming chair is a huge upgrade for any gamer because it gives them physical comfort and practical ease of use throughout their daily routine. Now that you know what to look for when buying one, we leave you with this final tip: buy something that is within your budget but also has high-quality material such as steel frame and lumbar support with head fellow.


If you are looking for a low profile or cheap gaming chair so we have a great list for you above. All the chairs have the best materials and strong frames as well as comfortable and relaxing. Thank you for watching our review about Low Profile Gaming Chair. tell us in a comment if this helps you find a perfect cheap gaming chair.

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