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Outemu Blue Switch for keyboard

Cherry MX Switches are something you have probably heard of. For nearly 20 years, they held the exclusive patent cross-shaped design switches that were theirs. Did you know that in 2004, when their patent expired… Three major companies took the initiative to provide the mechanical keyboard community with what it had been looking for since 1984. More affordable, more smooth, less expensive CherryMX alternatives. Today we will have review on Outemu Switches, Which consider the most popular linear switches not a days.

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We’ll be talking about a Cherry MX Switch Clone to show you what you are missing. The Outemu Switches.

To understand how switches work, you will need to be familiar with the basic concepts.

outemu switches guide

Before you start, here are some questions to remember:

  • Do you enjoy the clickety-clack sound a mechanical keyboard makes?
  • Did you have a tendency to type heavy?
  • Do you enjoy the sensation of a bump right in front of your key activations?
  • Is this something you use for work? Are you using it for gaming?

These questions will help you as you go through this guide. This guide will help you get a better idea of how your keyboard might look.

Let’s begin with the originals.


Cherry MX Switches used to be the most popular switches on the market because of their unique stem design. They were regarded as the finest mechanical switches in the world due to their durability and quality. Cherry MX lost its patent in 2004 and was no longer the sole owner of the cross-shaped stem. Many companies were then able to develop their own lines of cross-shaped stemmed switches. These companies were known as the Cherry Clones.

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Outemu, Gateron, and Kaihua all launched their own lines of stem switches with cross-shaped shapes. We are ready to be the pioneers of this new era of Cherry MX alternatives. That’s it…

Outemu Switches are the most economical and affordable of the three pioneers. It will be broken down into three easy-to-understand sections.

We’ll cover:

  • What and who are they?
  • There are many types of switches available in their range
  • These switches might be the right ones for you.

Let’s get to it!

What are Outemu Switches and How Do They Work?

What are Outemu Switches

Outemu Switches clone Cherry MX Switches.

Outemu Switches, as you know, was one of the first to pioneer the new cross-shaped stem mechanical switches. This was after Cherry Corp’s patent expired.

That year, Dongguan Gaote Electronic Co. LTD (or Gaote as short) was established. They created Outemu Switches. Cherry MX (or Cherry Corporation) released the familiar, cross-shaped switch into the open world.

Surprisingly, many people would agree that Outemu Switches look almost identical to Cherry MX switches, but at a more affordable price.

You can find Outemu Switches in almost any keyboard switch manufacturer. You can find Outemu Switches at many online shops like Amazon, AliExpress, and eBay.

Types of Outemu switches

What are Outemu Red Switches and how do they work? Outemu Blue Switches What is the difference between Outemu Brown Switches and Black Switches? It can seem overwhelming to absorb all this information. We should know at least where the colors come from in order to be able to comprehend the colors.

Outemu Switches, just like other 2004 switches, were designed to be a budget-friendly clone of the Cherry MX switches. The colors were designed to be very similar to the Cherry MX Switches.

To begin, there are three major types of switches.

  1. Linear Switches
  2. Tactile Switches
  3. Clicky Buttons

Linear switches are also known as silent switches. They are straight down, activate the keypress, and then come back up. No noticeable bump, no feedback. These keyboards are popular for people who don’t like the clicky sounds of a mechanical keyboard. These keyboards are ideal for gamers who work quickly and only need to activate the key.

Tactile switches provide tactile feedback. This is the bump or resistance that is immediately visible before the keypresses are activated. This is helpful if you want an indication of how quickly you can move on to the next key.

Clicky buttons tactile switches have a distinct clicky sound. These switches are designed to make loud typewriter sounds that people love. The tactile switches have more fun and play than clicky switches.

1) Outemu Red Switch

Our Pick
  • A smooth press
  • Silent keys
  • Best for typing and games
  • Actuation Type: Linear
  • Actuation Force: 50g
  • Travel distance: 4mm

Outemu Red Switch Characteristics

Red Outemu Red switches are as close to MX Red switch as you can get.

It’s not noticeable with a 50g actuation force compared to the 45g MX, unless you are constantly bottoming out.

Here are some keys to keep in mind:

  • Sound: Cherry MX has a similar sound, but it is softer than MX.
  • Tactility: A smooth press, but slightly less stable with offset key presses
  • Actuation: Actuation starting at 47g with 61g for the bottom out
  • Activation height: 2.1mm

2) Outemu Brown Switch

Our Pick
  • So easy to change the switches
  • Linear, soft tactile
  • Best for gaming and typing
  • Type of Actuation: Tactile
  • Actuation Force: 55g
  • Travel distance: 4mm

Outemu Brown Switch Characteristics

Are you not a fan of clicky blues and lack of resistance reds. The brown switches are a better choice. The brown tactile switches are silent and provide tactile feedback without loud clicks.

Important Notes

  • Sound: A little “thunkier”, more reminiscent of a typewriter.
  • Tactility: The MX is arguably more responsive than the MX. However, the MX has less stability: when you press the offset keypresses (pressing down on the cap’s edge)
  • Actuation: The Actuation Force is 40g and the Bottom at 60g
  • The basic color of reds and browns is the same. However, the tactile bump makes it more appealing.

3) Outemu Blue Switch

Our Pick
  • So easy to change the switches
  • Linear, soft tactile
  • Best for gaming and typing
  • Type of Actuation: Clicky
  • Actuation Force: 60g
  • Distance to Travel

Outemu Blue Switch Characteristics

Outemu Blue Switches, also known as clicky switches, are available on many keyboards. These are popular because they’re cheaper and have a higher pitch than other MXblues options.

Important Notes

  • Sound: A more raucous, high-pitched sound than MX
  • Tactility: The onset press is very smooth but the offset presses can have a little bit of scratchiness
  • Actuation: The Actuation Force is close to 46g and 60g for the bottom out
  • Sometimes keys don’t register when pressed slowly
  • 3.6mm total travel, makes little difference
  • Activation height: 2.7mm

4) Outemu Black Switch

Our Pick
  • No bump
  • Smooth typing
  • Strong switches
  • Actuation Type: Linear
  • Actuation Force: 65g
  • Travel distance 4mm

Outemu Black Switch Characteristics

Are you a heavy-handed person? Outemu Blacks switches are for you. This switch is made for heavy-handed typers and has one of the strongest actuation forces available. This linear switch has no activation bump and provides smooth typing.

Important Notes

  • Sound: A quietness similar to the Reds. Lube them for a smoother, more peaceful experience
  • Tactility: Use a smooth press and lube to get a better experience
  • Actuation: The Actuation Force is approximately 65g but close to 84g for the bottom.
  • This can be used to protect important keys from misclicks
  • This switch is regarded as the most durable.

Are Outemu switches worth buying?

It’s all up to you. Many popular options for first-time mechanical keyboards can be fitted with Outemu switches. It’s an affordable keyboard that can be used as a budget-friendly replacement for the Cherry MX switches.

Tip: Lubricate these switches to make your experience smoother and more enjoyable.

Mechanical Keyboards with Outemu switches

Our Pick

These are mechanical keyboards that have been fitted with an entire set of Outemu Switches. Before we start, let’s look at a few key features that we would like to see on every mechanical keyboard we consider. This will allow you to browse our list and other sites.

Main Features

  • 104 key, or TKL
  • Anti-ghosting keys (Prevents keys ghosting, which occurs when more than 6 keys are pressed. Some keys won’t register).
  • Strong or Metal Internal Frame (Let’s face it, gamers can be a bit aggressive with their keyboards from time to time. A keyboard that doesn’t fly off the desk in high-intensity moments is essential.
  • RGB Backlit keys (We don’t pretend that no one works or plays in the dark… but when we do, it is important to be able to see our keyboards clearly and in our preferred colors.
  • Wired (Primarily, for gamers, there is no lag between key presses).
  • Water Resistant (Spills, dust and other particles can build up around your keyboard. It’s important to have a clean mess that doesn’t ruin the functionality of your keyboard.

We now have our main checklist in place, let’s get into the keyboards that fit these categories.

Looking for a great budget gaming board? The VicTsing Mechanical gaming keyboard is a reliable, affordable, and budget-friendly backlit gaming keyboard. It is equipped with 104 anti-ghosting keys that are non-slip and have 9 backlight modes. The keyboard also has a metal structure to hold it in place.

The main features

  • Available in TLK anti-ghosting keys and 104-key keys
  • RGB backlighting using pre-set brightness and light modes
  • Strong metal structure that is strong and holds its ground
  • Outemu Blue Switches (clicky buttons)
  • Wired to reduce lag
  • Spill Resistant

This keyboard uses Outemu Blue Switches. They provide crisp tactile feedback and an audible click to complement your gaming style.


Although it’s a Cherry MX clone, Outemu switches are a great switch for those looking for a lower-cost mechanical keyboard.

While not as effective as Cherry MX switches, Outemu gives the most price for the money in terms of the balance between price as well as performance and endurance.

Although they’re less expensive, there are a few negatives of Outemu switches like increased scratchiness and noise, with the fact they won’t last like Cherry MX switches.

Outemu currently has four switches, including out of four options, which include the Outemu Blue, Brown, Red, and Black switch, which come with various actuation styles and the ability to force.

The next time you’re searching for a cheap mechanical keyboard, look into the keyboard that has Outemu switches to find out whether you think they’re excellent.

If you’re in the dark regarding Outemu switch types, then we suggest using a switch tester to test all the various switch types for yourself.

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