Best Vertagear 440 lbs gaming chair For big guys (2022)

Vertagear 440 Lbs Gaming Chair

If gaming is your passion, then the Safetred Gaming Chair is perfect for you. So much more than just a chair, this Vertagear 440 lbs gaming chair ergonomic and durably built chair provides essential back support and cushioning to protect your back; it also comes with an adjustable headrest so there is no need for a pillow! And better yet, this chair even allows proper circulation throughout the body as well as a full range of motion making it great during those intense hours of gameplay. Best part? This product is comfortable enough to play games or watch on TV while laying down. Some of the best Vertagear chairs are down below.

If you want more related information about gaming chair so read FAQ about gaming chairs.

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Vertagear Racing Series...image Vertagear Racing Series P-Line PL4500 Gaming Chair Black/Green Edition Check Price
VERTAGEAR Desk and...image VERTAGEAR Desk and Gaming Chair, Ergonomic Design for Home Office, High Backrest for Extended Gaming Comfort, P-Line PL1000, BIFMA Cert, Black Green Check Price
Vertagear S-Line SL4000...image Vertagear S-Line SL4000 Racing Series Gaming Chair - Black/White (Rev. 2) Check Price
Vertagear Gaming Racing...image Vertagear Gaming Racing Seat Home Office Computer Coffee Fiber High Back Executive Chairs, Black/Carbon Check Price

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Vertagear VG-PL4500 Gaming Chair

Our Pick


  • Best and Strong Chair
  • Good for Gaming and office
  • Adjustable
  • Strong leather
  • Ergonomic design
Maximum Weight Recommendation180 Kilograms
Item Weight56 Pounds
Compatible:Ps4, Ps5, Pc, Xbox series
Warranty: Include 

The Vertagear VG PL4500 chair from Vertagear was designed as a more comfortable alternative to the typical gaming chair. As the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance gaming chairs, we know what customers are looking for in their gaming experience, and that is why this is the best yet. The unique design and innovative Vertagear 440 lbs gaming chair will increase your productivity and get you on your A-game every time you are on it.

Coffee fiber padding for vertagear VG pl4500

The Vertagear VG pl4500 features an innovative design that includes a backrest and seat made from the same material to provide comfort even when you’re sitting or laying down. The patented coffee fiber is order controlled, quick-drying for added hygiene, and designed with unique properties like being lightweight but also tough enough to withstand everyday life’s wear and tear while still providing maximum comfort at all times.

Vertagear VG pl4500 Adjustable Seat Height

The best part about this chair is that it has a range of height and seat adjustments to give you the optimal position for your desk. This means less stress on your back and neck pains, which will ensure that you can work comfortably all day long! The Vertagear VG pl4500‘s ergonomic design helps alleviate pain in not only my lower back but also up into my neck as well. It keeps me comfortable while I’m at work so I don’t have any distractions from being uncomfortable or tired – with its wide variety of adjustability options, including adjustable armrests & lumbar support cushion, there are no problems when it comes to staying productive throughout every hour of the working day

Adjustable backrest

Gaming enthusiasts can now experience the comfort of a gaming chair no matter how long their game sessions are with this back-angle-adjustable function. The Vertagear VG pl4500 will allow gamers to stretch and relax without compromising on performance due to its ideal seating position, which helps keep your body in top form throughout the course of gameplay. The Vertagear VG pl4500 is perfect for those who love playing games at night because they have an independent backrest that adjusts up to 140 degrees so you’ll stay comfortable as well as healthy while seated at your computer desk all day or evening long.

Adjustable tilt with locking system

Vertagear 440 lbs gaming chair is perfect for the avid gamer. The adjustable tilt mechanism allows you to increase or decrease the tension by easily turning a knob based on your body weight and rocking comfortably without heavy pushing reducing muscle fatigue. In addition, the racing series VERTAGEAR can be locked into 4 different tilted positions that put you in a driver’s seat with ease.

Customer satisfaction guarantee

Customer satisfaction guarantee: we will always go the extra mile to ensure your happiness and satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with our product for any reason, please contact us within 30 days of delivery and receive a full refund or replacement.

Led upgradable kit (not included)

Upgrade your LEDs to be wireless and full-spectrum with our upgrade kit.

2) VERTAGEAR Gaming Computer Chairs

Our Pick


  • Comfortable Gaming chair
  • Great for office and gaming
  • Ergonomic design
  • High backside
  • Strong frame
Furniture base movementRock
Room TypeOffice
ColorBlack/ Blue
Form FactorUpholstered
MaterialPolyurethane, Polyvinyl Chloride
Compatible: Ps4, Ps5, Pc, Xbox series

When it’s time to game, you need a chair that will keep up with your gaming skills. The Vertagear 440 lbs gaming chair is designed with the hard-core gamer and big gamer in mind and has features like customizable lumbar and neck support, reclining arms, a patented multi-tilt mechanism for superior comfort, and tilt on-demand functionality. With an attractive design that complements any home office or living area of your choice, it’s the perfect all-day partner to help you stay productive while you’re at work or play for hours.

RGB UPGRADE KIT(sold separately)

Upgrade your gaming experience with our wirelessly controlled full-spectrum RGB LED lights

Vertagear 440 lbs Gaming Chair Has COFFEE FIBER PADDING

The vertagear VGPL4500 is padded with fabric made from coffee beans, the best natural material to provide support and comfort. The patented process of extracting and transforming these premium materials offers a variety of benefits for personal hygiene as well!

Vertagear 440 lbs gaming chair Comes with ADJUSTABLE SEAT HEIGHT

You know when your posture at gaming is just not what it should be and you feel the pain in your back? Well, this Vertagear gaming chair can help! It stabilizes and supports the upper body to maintain correct ergonomic alignment while also providing a comfortable place for long hours of sitting. The adjustable height allows you to sit comfortably without straining any muscles or compromising circulation; all thanks to its contoured shape that provides optimum lumbar support.


This Gaming chairs can help you experience a variety of comfort settings to suit your mood and needs. The back angle’s independent controls offer many configuration options so that you always have the right posture whether playing for hours or just 30 minutes at a time.

A gaming chair with an adjustable backrest provides added support while allowing gamers to find their perfect position, no matter what they’re up against!


The racing series Vertagear 440 lbs gaming chair is made for people who want to be in the driver’s seat when it comes to customizing their comfiest chair settings. The knob allows you to increase or decrease seating tension, so that whether your body weight is light, medium, heavy – rocking comfortably and without a lot of pushing involved will always feel good.

3) Vertagear Gaming Racing Seat

Our Pick


  • Comfortable Gaming chair
  • Great for office and gaming
  • Ergonomic design
  • High backside
  • Strong frame
Furniture base movementRock
Room TypeOffice
ColorBlack/ Green
Form FactorUpholstered
MaterialPolyurethane, Polyvinyl Chloride
Compatible: Ps4, Ps5, Pc, Xbox series

The Vertagear 440 lbs gaming chair provides maximum support for big gamers, professionals, and avid office workers. Give your home office the ultimate upgrade with this sophisticated racing seat that offers a compact design to avoid any gaming, business, or another type of professional desk interference. The synthetic leather material is easy to clean and will never show permanent stains or markings on the surface. This beautiful chair features metallic silver arms with height adjustment between 41-48″ containing Urethane pads in 4 different sizes (see images) as well as adjustable back height ranging from 13-19″. The proximity of many modern-day furniture pieces makes it difficult to maximize space efficiency when fashioning a workstation at home but not so.

✿RGB UPGRADE KIT(sold separately)

enhance your gaming experience with our wirelessly controlled RGB LED upgrade


The vartagear PL4500 has a two-layer padding system that is composed of ultra-premium quality coffee fiber (which doesn’t retain moisture) on the backrest and seat. This patented technology makes for even more comfort than before because you’ll never have to worry about feeling wet from those pesky spills again!


The best way to prevent back and neck problems are with a good chair. This ergonomic office chair has an adjustable seat, height-adjustable armrests, tilt control for the head of your desk so you can find that perfect angle in relation to it!

The Vertagear 440 lbs gaming chair will help keep stress off your shoulders while preventing pain from building up over time as well. It’s got great adjustability options that allow you have optimum comfort at any given moment when using this product!


The Vertagear Gaming Chair offers a comfortable, versatile fit for hours of gaming. It features an adjustable backrest that you can adjust to change your sitting position over the course of long gaming sessions and is designed with durable mesh fabric which promotes air circulation to keep gamers cool under pressure!


You’ll never have to be uncomfortable again with the VERTAGEAR Racing Series gaming chair! The knob lets you adjust your seating tension for any weight and rock comfortably. Plus, the 4 lockable tilted positions will let you find a perfect position that feels just right after hours of playing video games all day long.

You won’t want to get up from this Vertagear 440 lbs gaming chair made by VERTAGEAR. it adjusts based on your body weight so rocking is easy without being heavy or hurting muscles while sitting in one place too long. With four adjustable reclining settings, finding a comfortable upright seat angle has never been easier than now thanks to these chairs who know how important comfort needs are when gamers play their favorite game for hours in the end.

4) VERTAGEAR SL4000 Gaming Chair

Our Pick


  • Comfortable Gaming chair
  • Great for office and gaming
  • Ergonomic design
  • High backside
  • Strong frame
MaterialAlloy Steel, Leatherette
Furniture FinishLeather
Maximum Weight Recommendation200 Pounds
Item Weight55 Pounds

The VERTAGEAR SL4000 BIFMA Cert Black/White is a tried-and-true throne for the pros and gamers aficionados. The Vertagear 440 lbs gaming chair is crafted from durable, high-quality material with an accurate racing car shape to form flawless curves and maximum support out of every ounce of material. It features all the bells and whistles any self-respecting gamer or racecar driver would appreciate in such a chair: comfortable foam backrests, adjustable armrests, lumbar supports, 360-degree machine washable fabric cover.

Ultra Premium High Resiliency Foam

Vertagear racing seat Ultra Premium High Resiliency Foam is made with long-lasting foam that provides comfort and durability. The density of the foam in this chair makes it perfect for use over a lifetime without wearing down or deforming from prolonged usage, making it one of the most comfortable chairs on earth!

Vertagear’s high-density memory foam will give you hours upon hours of support while preventing your backside from sinking too low into its soft surface. These won’t wear out like other kids because they are built to last!

Vertagear 440 lbs gaming chair has Class 4 Gas Lift

VERTAGEAR SL4000 has a durable gas lift that can go through any rough terrain. This chair is ideal for those who need to use it often and want the assurance of its longevity.

Penta RS1 2.5” Caster

The Vertagear Racing gaming chair will make you feel like a professional racer. It has high-end features, including PU casters for the smoothest glide and color matching chairs to match your interior décor.

Adjustable Tilt with Locking System

The Vertagear Racing Gaming Chair is perfect for gamers of any weight. The mechanism allows you to adjust the tension, and therefore get a more comfortable rocking experience without burning out your muscles with heavy pushing on an uncomfortable chair.

This Gaming Chair Has Adjustable 4D Armrests

The armrests on this gaming chair are adjustable in 4 different directions to accommodate a variety of body shapes and habits. The ergonomic contours provide comfort for your arms, so you can spend hours playing games without getting sore shoulders – which is great news if you’ve been having trouble finding the perfect fit with other chairs! 

The Adjustability extends to the armrests with a 4 directional adjustment to keep your forearms comfortable regardless of body shape and habit. Enjoy the ergonomic contours designed to keep your forearms steady against hard surfaces, preventing shoulder pain while providing maximum stability during gameplay

Adjustable Backrest For Vertagear Gaming Chair

This Vertagear 440 lbs gaming chair is perfect for the big gamer on the go. The backrest adjusts to your changing needs throughout a long marathon session of Super Smash Bros., and it’s compact so you can bring this seat with you anywhere!

Neck and Lumbar Support

You’ll be able to enjoy the entire experience without any discomfort with this gaming chair. The SL4000 comes standard with a memory foam neck support and lumbar support, which are easily removable for increased adjustability and correct posture.

Vertagear gaming chairs are good?

Many people enjoy playing games, but there are also some who work in the industry. If you’re one of those gamers that can’t get enough action from your gaming chair, then this Vertagear 440 lbs gaming chair is for you. Vertagear has a wide range of gaming chairs that will suit any gamer’s needs. Whether it be comfort or style, Vertagear has got you covered! Check out their website to learn more about what they have to offer and to see if there is something just perfect for your gaming setup.

How much should I spend on a gaming chair?

Gaming chairs cost between $150-$500 depending upon the style features, size, and design. On average, gaming chairs range between $150 to $300. Gaming chairs of the top brands are priced between $300 to $500. The most expensive ergonomic office chairs have gained popularity with gamers, can run more than $1,000.

What should I look for when buying a gaming chair?

When buying a chair you should look for the following points.

  • Headrest (may be adjustable and may include a padded pillow)
  • Highback with tilt and recline.
  • Recline lock capability.
  • Foot rest.
  • Adjustable lumbar support.
  • Chair height adjustment.
  • Swivel.
  • Premium quality foam padding.

Who makes Vertagear chairs?

The review examines Vertagear’s entire range of chairs for gaming. Vertagear is among the longest-running brands of gaming chairs in the business. Vertagear makes top racing-style gaming chairs in medium or large sizes. All are equipped with classic racing designs, sturdy ergonomic attributes, along a two-year guarantee.

Thank you for reading our article about Vertagear 440 lbs gaming chair. If you have any questions so you can comment down and we will reach to you as soon as we can.

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